10 Cenegenics Alternative Weight-Loss Programs

No one knows for sure whether Cenegenics is a fraud or not. However, many people believe that it helps them grow old slower and lose excessive weight. Even though it works great for someone, it is quite expensive.  

Lucky for you, there are lots of ways to stay healthy without spending much money and going for shady hormone treatments. Below, we provided ten diets that work for sure! Choose one and stick to it to stay healthy at any age. Except for being fit and healthy, you will have a chance to spare money to sustain your future!

Alternative Eating Plans that Work

TLC Diet

The fundamental principle of this diet is to reduce your cholesterol levels to lose some weight. Being on this diet, one should refuse to consume saturated fats and eat more fiber.


According to this diet, you have to prevent high blood pressure to lose some weight. The eating plan includes low-fat dairy produce, fruit and veggies, whole grains, and lean meat.

Mayo Clinic Diet

It is described in the book that has the same name. Read the book to find out how many calories to take per day and with what food they have to come.

Volumetrics Diet

It is about consuming low-carb foods, such as veggies, fruit, low-fat dairy produce, and low-caloric soups. Dieters can eat high-calorie food if they need to, but the basic principle of the diet is to eat lots of low-calorie food that is rich in nutrients.  

Mediterranean Diet

People believe that those living in Mediterranean areas are less likely to gain excessive weight and have a lower risk of cancers and cardiovascular diseases. This diet is about eating beans, fruit, veggies, whole grains, dairy produce, fish, and chicken.

Weight Watchers

This diet is about consuming more nutritious food while avoiding empty calories. If you choose this eating plan, then you can be sure that you will not only lose weight but also stay healthy.

Traditional Asian Eating Plan

People believe that Asians are less likely to suffer from chronic diseases and excessive weight. Therefore, eating more rice, veggies, fruit, nuts, and noodles can sustain your health and help control your weight. Lean meat and eggs in small amounts are not forbidden by the diet.  However, try to refuse to eat red meat.

Jenny Craig Weight-Loss Program

Even though it requires spending a little bit more money, it is one of the easiest ones to stick to because it is about eating pre-packaged food. The basic principle of the diet is to reduce your caloric intake and fat levels as well as limit the size of your portions. The diet helps the body burn fat fast.

Vegetarian Diet

It is a simple eating plan. It helps lose weight as well as improves your cardiovascular system. All you have to do is to eat lots of veggies, consume plant-based proteins, and refuse to eat meat. It’s better if you refuse to consume fatty and sugary foods as well.

Flexitarian Diet

It is similar to the Vegetarian one. The only difference between them is that this diet is more flexible when it comes to eating meat. Sticking to the diet, one should eat more nuts, beans, eggs, fruit, and veggies.

If you want to stay fit and healthy, there is no need to go for Cenegenics as far as there are lots of alternatives that work. Maintain your health and lose some weight without spending extra!