6 Types Of Obesity-Related Lifestyles That Shape Your Body Type

Did you know that the lifestyle you lead will have a tremendous impact on your body type? That’s right! How you live will shape how you look. It’s something most people don’t realize. However, if you know what lifestyle group you belong in, you can start to make healthy changes to break the habit.


So, what lifestyle do you find yourself falling in line with?

1. Food-Related Obesity

This is considered the most common kind of obesity and is the result of consuming an excess amount of sugar and fatty foods. The best way to combat this (besides changing your diet) is to incorporate 30 minutes of exercise each day.

2. Stress-Related Obesity 

People who are stressed out, feel anxious or suffer with depression turn to sweets to “ease the pain”. It’s another common kind of obesity, but can be overcome with thoughts that food doesn’t treat depression and can’t remove the stress. If you want to drop the weight, you must learn self-control.

3. Gluten-Related Obesity

This type of obesity is generally seen in women – young, menopausal or who have a hormonal imbalance. An ideal way to combat this kind of obesity is to keep moving, don’t smoke or drink and exercise.

4. Obesity Due To Slow Metabolism

People who suffer with a slow metabolism often feel like a bloated squirrel. People who have problems breathing or drink alcohol increase the negative effects. In order to combat this problem, sufferers must quit drinking and eat a diet that’s loaded with fruits and vegetables.

5. Obesity As A Result Of Bad Circulation

This form of obesity is mainly due to genetics. However, it can happen in pregnancy and people who suffer with swollen legs. The best thing a person can do is to get exercise – walk, run, climb stairs – anything that makes them move.

6. Obesity Due To Lack Of Exercise

This obesity type affects most people who work sitting down for eight or more hours a day. In order to keep weight off, people must create an exercise plan that incorporates a workout three or more times a week.