Albolene & Weight Loss

Women have been using Albolene to remove their make-up for years. Today, many professional athletes use it to control their weight to meet the needed requirements. It is popular with many boxers. This remedy is known for its adorable skin moisturizing and cleaning activities as well as weight-reduction abilities. However, there are many arguments surrounding this matter.

Few Words about Albolene

It is originally used as a make-up remover that works for skin cleaning and moisturizing. It works for removing tough make-up. Except for being a good cleanser, it is very healthy for the skin. In 2009, a study was done. According to it, those using Albolene succeeded in recovering from a mild form of eczema.


In North Carolina, a study was conducted.  A famous dermatologist Mr. Draelos compared nonprescription moisturizers with prescription ones to find out if water loss affects health of the skin. In the study, sixty patients suffering from eczema participated. According to the received results, Albolene should be considered as cosmeceuticals because it corrects skin functioning.

Weight Loss Promotion

The remedy increases sweat secretion from the areas to which it was applied. It neither increases fat burning nor improves metabolism. If you use it on problem areas, it serves as a moisture barrier. While this statement runs counter its property to improve skin health, it promotes sweating only if applied in abundance. Its ability to reduce weight is all about removing water from the body.


If you tend to achieve incredible water weight loss results, then you should definitely use Albolene along with doing some cardiovascular exercises, sticking to a high-protein and low-carb diet, and doing more punches and crunches while working out.  To promote perspiration, wear neoprene belts and shorts. The results are temporal if you stop doing regular physical activity.

What to Consider

Since Albolene contributes to water loss, it may cause dehydration. To stay hydrated and detoxify your body, drink a lot of water not only during workouts but also before and after them. Don’t apply Albolene to oily skin; otherwise, you are likely to end up with dry skin.