Alcohol Diet. Short And Long Fasting Review

For obvious reasons, most diets for weight loss recommend avoiding the use of alcohol. But there are some diets that do not restrict alcoholic drinks. For example, Tim Ferris diet allows drinking a glass of red wine before bedtime. Another category of diets even recommends daily alcohol consumption for weight loss success.

Fasting with wine

Alcohol diet is available in two forms: short and long versions.

Short alcohol diet

Fasting days on wine should not last longer than three days. Low-calorie intake and alcohol (alcohol increases the appetite), can easily lead to breakdowns.

You can use dry red or white wine for fasting days. Totally, you are allowed to drink not more than 0.5 liters of wine.

You can snack on fruits, berries, and cheese. You can eat as many fruits as you can. Cheese should be limited to 200 g per day. As usual, drink plenty of still pure water, about 1.5 liters per day.

Long alcohol diet

The other drinking diet is attributed to Dr. Guttersen from Britain. The main point of this diet is that you can eat everything, but you should consume one glass of dry red wine during every meal. You can also use unsweetened mulled wine instead.

The modern version of this diet allows eating any food, including pasta and cakes in appropriate quantities. However, the original version of this diet does not allow foods with a high glycemic index: sweets, cakes, potatoes, soft drinks, etc.

According to the author of the diet, short-term wine consumption increases the rate of metabolism in the body. The body burns fat instead of storing it. Foods with a low glycemic index help maintain a stable blood sugar level, allowing you to activate energy from fat stores.

Advantages of alcohol diet

  • The diversity of food
  • Easy to follow: drinking alcohol suppresses sugar cravings
  • This diet is ideal for healthy people
  • Who don’t have problems with alcohol dependence
  • Who are not working in an office and can afford drinking alcohol during working hours
  • Whose weight problems are not very serious

Disadvantages of alcohol diet

  • Exceeding the recommended amount of wine. Doctors recommend drinking only one glass of red wine a day
  • Not every boss will understand, seeing a worker with a glass of wine in the middle of the day
  • Risk of developing bad habits with long-term dieting
  • Low efficiency of the diet


If you love to experiment with exotic weight loss diets, you can try to follow alcohol diet. It is recommended to consult with your doctor before starting this diet.