Amitiza & Weight Loss

Those suffering from frequent constipations and irritable bowel syndrome followed by constipations take Amitiza. This laxative draws more liquid into the diction tract and makes the stool move with ease. Since Amitiza has many s/e, it cannot be considered as a weight-loss drug.


Those suffering from constipations should take 24 mcg of the laxative two times a day during meals. Those with irritable bowel syndrome suffer from chronic belly-ache and difficult passage of the stool. To ease the symptoms, they should take eight mcg of the laxative two times a day during meals.

Side Effects

Weight loss isn’t considered as a side effect of the laxative. However, some side effects caused by Amitiza can be responsible for weight reduction. A study was done. According to it, 29% of participants who took Amitiza suffered from nausea. If you take the laxative with food, you can prevent it. 12% of them had severe diarrhea. Other side effects included belly-ache, puking, drum belly, and others. If you experience any of them, then you should consult your doctor.

This laxative can also cause other side effects. Dryness of the mouth, fluid retention, dyspnoea, chest tightness, fast heartbeat, and dizziness are among them. Ask a physician whether this discomfort is likely to get more severe in the course of time or not.


Weight loss can be observed in the case of overdosing. Except for weight reduction, those with overdose can experience excessive sweat, burning sensation, weakness, sickness, and slow heart rate. If you have one of these signs, call for emergency medical attention.