Andrew Zimmern Shares His Secret behind His Weight Loss

Andrew Zimmern, a famous TV personality, was able to lose much weight, and today people wonder how he could do that. His fans want to know the way he could achieve such incredible results. The star by himself stated that he lost his weight through a lot of dieting and physical activity.

What is His Eating Plan?

People were serious about finding out how the celebrity could lose weight, and that is the reason why he shared his secret with them. The fundamental principle of his diet is to eat less and smarter. Even though he was a fan of junk food, today he refuses to eat it. His new eating plan is about consuming more healthy foods, such as fruit, veggies, beans, and healthy sweets.

His diet helps Mr. Zimmern control his weight. He doesn’t eat bad foods including those rich in sugar and introduces salads, nuts, and dry fruit into his diet. All of these foods contribute to healthy weight loss. To stay hydrated, he drinks plenty of water during a day.

What is His Physical Activity?

Except for eating healthy, Mr. Zimmern had to exercise to lose excessive weight. He used to do simple exercises when he was wondering through different countries while filming his show but today he does more professional sports.

Create a negative caloric balance while doing some exercises to lose weight by burning fat. That is what the celebrity did.  Mr. Zimmern started to eat less. He chose healthier foods and exercised more than before. The way he changed his lifestyle brought him incredible results.

People talk that there are more changes that the celebrity did to lose weight. Some of them believe that he took the Weight Watchers diet. We cannot confirm or argue against this statement. Nevertheless, what he did was about choosing a healthy way of life.