Baking Soda and Water as a Home Remedy for UTIs

Both genders are likely to suffer from urinary infections. However, women have ten times more chances to get one of them. Even though you cannot recover from the infections without doctor’s support, there are home remedies for relieving the symptoms. These are baking soda and water that can help you handle the rigidity of the infections.


Urinary tract infections hit your urinary track system organs that may include kidneys, renal ducts, and others. Pregnant women and people who lead an active sexual life have more chances to develop these infections. UTIs must be treated. To diagnose a patient with the infection, a doctor performs a medical check-up and a urinalysis. Those suffering from UTIs should take antibiotics and pain relievers and drink plenty of water.  


UTIs are associated with a series of severe symptoms which include repeated and painful urination. Cloudy or bloody urine with bad smell is a common symptom of the infection. More severe UTIs are characterized by pelvic pain, stomach-ache, sickness, shivers, and vomiting. Don’t ignore any of these symptoms.

Baking Soda & Water

Those suffering from UTIs should use baking soda with some water to relieve pain and burning sensation they experience during urination. Drinking water with some baking soda dissolved in it can help decrease the frequency of urination as well. To prepare the remedy, mix one tablespoon of the soda with a glass of cold liquid until dissolved. The mixture will reduce your urine acidity relieving your pain and burning sensation.  


Take note that the mixture will not help you fight the infections. Before drinking it, consult your doctor first. Don’t neglect to treat the infections with conventional meds prescribed by your doctor. Even though the mixture can ease the symptoms, it is useless when it comes to full recovery. To kill the bacteria, you will be asked to take antibiotics; otherwise, the infection will spread over other organs, and the hospitalization will be needed. If the infections reach your kidneys, the damage will be permanent.