Benefits of Licorice & Weight Loss

General Information

Many people traditionally use licorice for solving various health problems. Some of them use this herb to lose some weight and get rid of stored fat. Except for being healthy, licorice supplements may also have severe side effects. If taken for an extended period of time and in big doses, they can cause high blood pressure. Deglycyrrhizinated licorice supplements are not as dangerous; however,  they may have fewer properties as well. It is recommended to take herbs while being supervised by those with professional qualification in herbal medicine.

Reduction of Fat Mass

There is a statement saying that using licorice in food can help you reduce your body fat. However, more studies are needed to prove this point of view. 15 people with average weight participated in research conducted in 2003. All of them consumed 3.5g of licorice supplement a day during two months. The results were incredible – their fat mass was reduced while their body mass index didn’t change at all.

Licorice & Fat Thickness

In 2005, research was conducted. According to it, people applying cream with licorice extract are likely to reduce their fat thickness. During one month, 18 average women used either cream that contained glycyrrhetinic acid or a placebo one on their thighs. In the result, the enriched cream showed incredible results – unlike the untreated legs, the treated ones experienced the decrease of accumulated fat. The scholars stated that glycyrrhetinic acid works for reducing fat accumulated in specific parts of your body.

Is It Possible To Lose Several Pounds with Licorice?

It is proved that licorice flavonoid oil works for reducing obesity in animals. The study was done, and according to it, those mice that were on a high-fat diet and were fed with this oil were less likely to gain weight as opposed to those who didn’t receive any oil.

Licorice Helps Consume Less Sugar

Those tending to lose some weight may face problems coping with sugar cravings. Licorice has sweet roots, and if you chew it regularly, your sugar cravings may be reduced.  In such a way, you will be able to control your blood sugar levels as well as prevent sugar craving that results from sugar roller-coasters. Moreover, it is proved that licorice flavonoids work for reducing sugar in your blood as well.