Cabbage Soup Diet to Improve Your Health

This diet is a perfect choice for those who suffer from heart conditions and wait for a surgery as it helps them lose some weight by leaps and bounds. The eating plan of the diet is all about eating low-calorie foods along with a cabbage soup in any amount during seven days.

Since the eating plan is based on consuming a low-calorie soup and veggies, it will also cleanse the body and boost your energy. It is also recommended to those who suffer from intestinal issues and diabetes. There is no one official name for the diet. One can call it in many different ways.

Like any other diet, it has its benefits and drawbacks. The main disadvantage to it is that it is lacking nutrients. That is why it isn’t recommended to pregnant women. If you decide to stick to the diet, take your time to visit your doctor first.

Seven-Day Diet Menu

Every stage determines the day of the diet.

  • On the first day, the cabbage soup and any kind of fruit, except for bananas, can be on your table. Put more focus on watermelon and rockmelon which are less caloric than other fruit.
  • The second day is all about veggies. Whether they are raw or cooked, any kind of vegetables will do for you. It is better if you add to your diet more vegetables and put corn and dry beans aside. The soup is a must have. For dinner, bake potatoes with some butter. Any fruit is not acceptable during this day.  
  • At this stage, garden produce and the soup will be your lifesavers. You will have to put baked potatoes aside. This is the right time to check how many pounds you’ve lost.
  • Introduce bananas into your diet. Even though this fruit is high-calorie, today you will need calories. Drink as much nonfat milk as possible. Remember to eat a portion of the soup.
  • This day is all about eating the soup. Add to your menu approximately 1/2 kg of beef and a few fresh tomatoes.
  • Don’t forget about vegetables. Eat them with beef. Several steaks are just fine if eaten with green leafy veggies. Have at least a portion of the soup. No baked potatoes are allowed today.
  • At this stage, a diverse menu is waiting for you. It will include the soup, boiled brown rice, and different veggies. Take any kind of sugar-free fruit juice to drink.

Note: During these seven days, you can drink herbal tea, juices and coffee with no sugar, nonfat milk, and plenty of pure water.

Cabbage Soup Ingredients

To cook the dish, several cans of tomatoes, green beans, peppers, four medium onions, celery, fat-less beef broth, soup mix, carrots, a small head of cabbage, and your favorite spices like curry, rosemary, and black pepper will be needed.


This diet is all about fruit, vegetables, and other low-calorie food. Therefore, sticking to it is a good and reliable way to lose a few pounds during seven days. Moreover, this eating plan includes no food that is high in saturated fat or rich in simple carbs.

In fact, the con to the diet is that it offers meal that is poor in nutrients. It includes foods that have little protein, healthy fats, and complex carbs that usually come from whole grains. However, this diet can be beneficial for you in other ways than just getting rid of some weight. Stick to this meal plan for a week at most.