8 Reasons to Start Drinking Cucumber Water Today

Making the transition to a healthier lifestyle can seem like a serious challenge, especially if you are new to the concept of healthy dieting. There are many different resources out there that seem to be pushing you in different directions when it comes to a cleaner diet that will help you become leaner and more energized.


The truth is though, you don’t necessarily need to invest in a bunch of wild pills and potions in order to begin your health and weight loss journey. In fact, a simple, affordable and tasty switch from empty calorie beverages like soda and energy drinks to a healthy alternative like cucumber water can result in a profound difference in how you look and feel. Here are just a few excellent reasons to get started on a cucumber water kick.

1# | It is Easy to Make

When it comes to making something healthy, delicious and refreshing to your diet – it doesn’t get much easier than cucumber water. All you need to do to add this healthy alternative beverage to your diet is wash and slice a few cucumbers (organic if you can find them) and add them to a pitcher of water. Place the pitcher in the refrigerator and add to your favorite beverage dispenser as necessary.

2# | It is Very Inexpensive

Cucumbers are widely produced and readily available in the supermarket all year long. Even if you go with organic cucumbers the cost to make several gallons throughout the week would still be substantially less than purchasing pre-made or pre-bottled “health” beverages online or from the store. And your cucumber water will most likely quench your thirst and taste better than what can be found for far more money at the store.

3# | It is Very Low in Calories

There are about eight calories per half cup serving of cucumber (and one glass of cucumber water will not even contain a full serving), compare that to the 180-250 calories you are taking in with a similar serving of your favorite soft drink. This is what makes cucumber an excellent alternative for those who want to trim down their calorie intake and who are interested in weight loss.

4# | It is Refreshing

Cucumbers don’t have a wild or bold flavor, but adding a few slices to water really livens up the taste. An ice cold glass of cucumber water is light and fantastic treat that really hits the spot and helps quench your thirst after a walk or workout.


Cucumber water with aloe and sea salt.

If you aren’t a big fan of drinking glass after glass of plain water throughout the day, the cucumber water alternative might just compel you to increase your intake and this is good for you on multiple levels when you are trying to lose weight.

In some cases, our body confuses thirst with hunger – drinking a glass of cucumber water might quell your hunger and eliminate the perceived need for a snack which will help keep your daily calorie total in check. If you were a bit hungry, consuming the cucumber water first will help to fill that void a bit so you either won’t need as much of a snack or you’ll be able to hold off on eating until the next meal rolls around.

5# | It is Good for the Whole Family

Cucumber water doesn’t contain any caffeine, it doesn’t contain any artificial sweeteners (or any other artificial ingredients), in fact it doesn’t contain anything unnatural or potentially dangerous at all. Moms, Dads and kids can all drink and enjoy this delicious beverage and reap the health benefits.

6# | It Provides Additional Vitamins and Minerals


Carbonated water with cucumber

Cucumbers are a low-calorie, low-fat source of additional nutrients. Cucumbers are a rich source of vitamin K, which plays a vital role in blood clotting and may play a role in maintaining bone health. Cucumbers also contain potassium, vitamin A and vitamin C which really helps gives your water a healthy boost when compared to other drink alternatives. Cucumbers also have antioxidant properties which could help contribute to the prevention of disease.

7# | It is Easy to Mix to Create other Interesting Healthy Beverage Options

While cucumber water alone is delicious and refreshing, the mild flavor of the cucumber allows for infinite customization to create other healthy beverage alternatives. Mix in some fresh sliced lemons to boost levels of vitamin C even higher, mix in some fresh mint to help boost antioxidant properties or to help alleviate digestive issues or add in fresh sliced strawberries and blueberries for a delicious, low calorie and nutrient rich treat that will satisfy your sweet tooth without any added sugar at all.

8# | It Works Well for Detoxification

Cucumbers are made primarily of water (they are more than 95% water in fact) which makes them a sound diet addition for hydrating. Couple that with the fact that they are ultra low in calories and easy to incorporate into a variety of dishes and drinks and you get a top option for juice cleanses and detox diets.

lemonade-with-cucumber-and-lemons (1)

Cucumber water with lemon

Even if you aren’t going to attempt a full liquid only start to your cleanse, adding cucumber water to your routine is a great way to maintain adequate hydration and to quell hunger at the start of your quest for a healthier body.

The cucumber is simple in just about every sense – from growing to cleaning and preparing to incorporating into your diet. Don’t let the simplicity and low cost fool you though – adding this mild and refreshing vegetable to your diet can help you move in a positive direction toward your weight loss goals in a number of ways.

The cucumber helps keep you hydrated, it helps keep you full, it helps boost energy and it helps add essential nutrients into your diet without much additional work. When you add cucumber water into your regular routine in favor of sodas and soft drinks you get a low cost, low calorie, high-performance dietary aid that will deliver big health dividends with no negative side effects.