5 Simple and Effective Daily Activities for Detoxification

Do you feel your mind and body aren’t working as efficiently as they have in the past? Have lifestyle and diet choices contributed to an overwhelming sensation of fatigue or mental fog? Regardless of why you feel a detoxification program is necessary, many choose to support the natural release and elimination of toxins through a deep cleansing. While many alternative medicine practitioners suggest a seasonal cleansing program, which consists of strict dietary guidelines, the need for detoxification support spans far deeper than periodic cleanses.


In order to support a healthy body throughout the year, you must strive to accomplish small daily detoxification activities. By supporting daily detoxification, your body is given the necessary nutritional and biological boost to toxin elimination.

Why Daily Detoxification is Vital to Your Health

We live in a world that’s surrounded by toxins. Whether you travel through heavy car traffic, which introduces a vast amount of air pollution into your lungs or your diet is less-than-healthy, your body is constantly battling to maintain a healthy balance. Throughout the day, your body is bombarded by at least one of the following:

  • Pesticides on “fresh” food sources, such as produce.
  • Fluoride contamination in bathing and drinking water
  • Food preservatives
  • Chemical compounds found on anything from clothing to carpets and furniture
  • Carcinogens from body car products and cosmetics
  • Environmental toxins from vehicles and industrial complexes
  • Alcohol toxins
  • Cigarette smoke

Unfortunately, without undertaking daily detoxification activities, this balance is difficult – if not impossible – to sustain. As you can see, your body is constantly under attack. Without actively promoting the release of toxins and the increase of antioxidants the accumulation of daily toxins can begin to take a toll on your physical and mental health.

The best approach to complete detoxification is not a “crash diet” or extreme detox routines. While these can be effective periodic treatments, detoxification must become a daily habit in order to truly combat the damage done to your body. By undertaking a few simple daily tasks, you directly support the major elimination systems, which allow them to work in a more efficient manner. Ultimately, this empowers your immune and elimination systems to eradicate harmful substances while supporting their natural functionality.


Instead of delving into juice fasts and herbal supplements, which are essential for whole body detoxification, let’s focus our attention to daily activities that are simple and effective. In your quest to eliminate toxins from your body, you must strive to incorporate at least three of the following activities into your daily routine.

Health experts suggest trying each activity for a few days and assessing its effect on your body. Because detoxification is based upon your unique biological markers, what work’s for your friend may not work as efficiently for you. During your first couple of weeks, create a journal outlining your activities and your bodily responses. It’s only through this documentation period you’re able to fully understand your body and how different activities trigger different responses.

#1 | Start Your Day With Hydration – Warm Lemon Water

lemon-waterLemon Water with Mint

The concept of hydration is likely one you’re well-versed in. Starting from a young age, we’re told about the importance and value of sustaining proper hydration. However, very few apply the knowledge learned as a child into their adulthood. In terms of daily detoxification, hydration is #1 on the list. Without ample water, your body is unable to function properly. This inability to efficiently operate is disastrous on many levels.

How to Perform: Its effectiveness is just as powerful as its simplicity. To begin, simply warm 1 cup of filtered water to body temperature. Juice ½ a whole lemon into the warm water. If you find lemon juice unpleasant, you may use 1 teaspoon of organic (unprocessed) apple cider vinegar instead. Add a dash of sea salt and drink in a single setting.

Benefits: By consuming warm water highlighted with lemons or apple cider vinegar, your whole body pH balance is leveled off. This is imperative to help eliminate toxins from your liver. The acidity of either lemons or apple cider vinegar also stimulates the production of stomach acid, which is imperative for healthy digestion throughout your day.

Tips: Avoid your local tap water at all costs. The majority of tap water sources use chemicals such as chlorine and fluoride, which are known toxins to the human body. While small amounts cannot hurt you, drinking the recommended daily dose of water from tap sources can prove counter productive to your daily detoxification. Install a water filter or use a self-pour water filtration system to eliminate harmful compounds.

#2 | Rebound to Enhance Lymphatic Fluid Movement

Your lymphatic system is among the most important systems when it comes to flushing toxins out of your system. However, one of the biggest issues with this essential bodily function is its inability to “pump” its fluid throughout your body, unlike the cardiovascular system which is pumped by your heart. In order to keep your lymphatic fluid flowing as it should, you must move your body. While daily exercise is imperative, you should tweak your exercises to support he movement of lymph fluid. This method of moving is known as rebounding, and one of the most effective ways to accomplish this task is by bouncing or jumping.

How to Perform: According to Certified Lymphologist, Dave Scrivens, vertical motion such as small jumps on a trampoline, can increase lymph fluid movement by up to 30 percent. The vertical motion of small bounces “pump” lymph fluid throughout its one-way vessels, or channels. Use a small therapeutic trampoline and bounce for 10 to 20 minutes every day. This simple action significantly improve lymph movement, which ultimately eradicates toxins throughout your body. There’s also evidence this form of exercise increasing bowel movements, which is imperative when eliminating toxins from your body.

#3 | Brush Your Body to Health and Vitality

leg-cosmeticLeg Cosmetics

What would you think if you could effectively promote the release of toxins by simply brushing your skin? While this may seem like a non-traditional way to eliminate toxins from your body, many are finding it to be among the most effective ways to support the body’s natural ability to flush toxins from your largest organ – your skin. Because your skin is the largest organ of your body, it’s one of the most important when it comes to flushing toxins out of your body. The notion of dry brushing is believed to support the release of toxins from your body by stimulating your blood and lymphatic circulation. This increase in circulation promotes the absorption and release of toxins through your body’s natural elimination channels.

How to Perform: Purchase a stiff brittle brush and begin at the soles of your feet. Scrub your skin in firm, sweeping motions and brush up toward your heart. It’s essential that you brush in an upward movement toward your heart in order to stimulate and the lymphatic system. Work from your feet up to your torso. Spend time on all sides of your legs and midsection. Not only does this daily detox activity support the natural release of toxins, but it’s been found to help eliminate debris from pores, rejuvenate your nervous system and improve overall muscle tone. Not only does this simple act accomplish the aforementioned, but it’s been a successful cellulite treatment.

Tips: The power of this detoxification method is based upon its ability to stimulate your circulatory and lymphatic system. However, many find the first two weeks to be uncomfortable as your skin and nervous system become accustomed to the stiff, dry brush bristles. After two to three weeks of regular application, your body will become used to the rough nature of the treatment. Make sure to drink ample water to support the natural release of these toxins.

#4 | Sauna Therapy for Complete Detoxification

sauna-bucket-spoon-and-towelSauna Spoon and Towel

As you can see, the most effective daily detoxification activities are those that increase your blood and lymphatic system circulation. The increase of the fluid movement mobilizes toxins for ready removal. Perhaps one of the most effective activities to support this natural release is through daily sauna therapy. By heating your body externally, your overall circulation is improved, toxins are mobilized and your srotas, or channels of circulation, are dilated. This dilation facilitates the movement of toxins away from vital organs, which supports higher functioning organs and easier toxin removal.

How to Perform: Sauna therapy must be approached in a delicate manner. The amount of time you need to spend in a dry or wet sauna truly depends on your unique biological markers. Some may find five minutes in a sauna to be ideal while others need to spend 20 minutes to experience the same benefit level. Because of the different mind-body types, it’s imperative to listen to your body. As a general rule of thumb, start off slowly. Begin with a five minute sauna treatment everyday and carefully increase treatment duration only if you feel your body consent to extended periods of time.

Tips: Many experience lightheadedness as their body temperature increases. To prevent this, place a cold, moist cloth over your head or draped around the back of your neck. This keeps your head cool during the heat up process. Make sure you drink ample water before and after a sauna treatment. Because you lose an incredible amount of fluid during these treatments, a lack of hydration can lead to dehydration faster than you would imagine. As a general rule of thumb, drink at least two glasses of water before entering a sauna and at least two glasses immediately after your treatment. Of course, if you feel dizzy, experience mental confusion or rapid heartbeat, immediately exit the sauna. Those with medical conditions, such as high blood pressure, should discuss the use and safety of sauna treatments with their physician before starting.

#5 | Journal for Health and Emotional Detoxification


One of the most important elements to remember when it comes to the realm of detoxification is the mind and body are thoroughly connected. When your mind is filled with anxiety and stress, these internal feelings result in a biological shift toward toxification. As your mind and emotions become stressed, the body releases a host of hormones known to disrupt the natural elimination of toxins. The most notable of these is the hormone cortisol. In order to eliminate the disruptive qualities of cortisol, and other mind-related hormones, you must actively work to detoxify your emotions.

How to Perform: Perhaps the most effective way to assist in emotional detoxification is through journaling. Take time every evening to write about what you’ve gone through during the day. Discuss the physical and emotional tolls you’ve dealt with. Outline what you’re grateful for and spend time detailing aspects of your life you wish to change or eliminate. Describe how it will feel once these stressors are eliminated, and identify what you want to replace these negative feelings and experiences with. By eliminating toxic thoughts and feelings, you simultaneously eliminate toxic compounds from accumulating in your body.

Tips: Do not use journaling as a replacement for other forms of mind-body relaxation and cleansing. However, due use journaling as a means of saying things you feel you can’t say in daily life. Use these pages as a form of emotional dry cleaning. After several weeks you’ll begin to feel the positive physical and emotional benefits associated with this simple, yet potent, daily detoxification activity.

The Bottom Line – Detoxification is a Mode of Life 

The biggest mistake you can make in terms of detoxification is believing this process is only applicable for periodic cleanses. In order to create and sustain a body free from disease and the negative effects of toxins, you must strive to create a body where toxins cannot thrive.

The only way to successfully accomplish this goal is to take part in some form of detoxification each day. While the involvement of herbs and specific nutrition is imperative, the most effective detox program is not a program at all. Rather, it’s a way of life. When this truly connects, you’ll soon be on your way to a healthier, happier life.