8 Top Benefits of Detoxing – An Exploration Into This Vital Process

Throughout the past several decades, the concept of detoxification has moved into the public consciousness with great fervency. As our modern society becomes more obsessed with attaining perfect health, the notion of toxin elimination through diet, exercise and lifestyle alterations has gained great traction. In fact, it’s nearly impossible to delve through a health and wellness magazine or browse the digital pages of health blogs without seeing some form of advertisement or proclamation of the wonders for some new detox product or plan.

While there are many truths regarding the benefits of detoxification, there are far more myths being touted as facts. In an attempt to clarify this cluttered concept, let’s explore the real benefits of detoxing. It’s only when you fully understand the actual benefits of detoxification that you’re able to embark upon a plan that’s based in reality and not in marketing hype or overstatements.

Benefit #1 – Enhance Your Natural Energy Levels

According to the latest retail statistics, Americans spend over $12 billion on energy drinks and energy products each year. It seems our society is constantly struggling with energy levels. While some blame this on the ever-increasing work and school demands many of us face, the reality is far more personal than strict deadlines and piles of homework. The fact of the matter is most of us are nutritionally deficient, which directly influences our lack of mental and physical energy.

berry-smoothiePerhaps one of the most notable benefits of detoxification is the natural boost of energy that comes along with many detox programs. By introducing a host of vitamins, minerals and other essential compounds into your body, you not only experience a health boost, but the high concentration of such compounds actively work to boost your natural energy mechanisms, such as your metabolism.

Because many detox programs require you to reduce or eliminate caffeine and other stimulant products, your body must turn to its natural energy stores instead of relying on synthetic – or temporary – energy. While you may feel an increase in fatigue during the first phase of a detox program, once your body adjusts to its new chemical structure, your “real” energy stores are activated. Ultimately, this results in a long-lasting, natural energy capable of producing sharp minds and energized bodies.

Benefit #2 – Enhanced Elimination of Bodily Waste

The modern American diet is one filled with processed foods and chemicals which actively work to reduce the efficiency of your waste elimination channels, such as your colon and bladder. Along with feeling bloated, if your body is unable to effectively eliminate waste matter, your entire body and mind is negatively affected. In fact, an under-performing digestive system establishes a platform for a wide array of diseases and conditions ranging from hemorrhoids to colorectal cancer.

dragon-fruit-smoothieIn the most fundamental sense, imagine pounds of fecal matter just resting inside of you. Instead of being eliminated in a timely fashion, this waste matter simply sits and continues to grow. Over time, if this waste matter is not effectively expelled, the harmful toxins and compounds created during the digestive process begin to be reabsorbed by your body. Ultimately, this results in a state of retoxification, which means the toxins gathered during the digestion process are introduced back into your body.

However, by engaging in a detoxification program, your entire digestive system is enhanced through an increase of hydration, fiber and other nutrients responsible for supporting the natural elimination of waste materials. In fact, many people are surprised at the level of health they experience after completing a detox program. While these feelings are caused by an array of benefits, the most notable is a fully functioning digestive system and efficient waste removal.

Benefit #3 – Sharper Mind and Increased Focus

As your body becomes bogged down with toxins – either through environmental or dietary sources – the efficiency of your brain actually becomes impaired. The accumulation of toxins and free radicals actively work to disturb the delicate balance within your brain. Over time, if this balance is not corrected, you’ll begin to experience negative side effects, such as mental fog, an inability to concentrate and a lack of memory.

fresh-organic-green-smoothie-detox-diet-and-healthy-food-concBecause the brain is directly influenced by your diet and toxin accumulation, when you engage in detoxification processes – especially those that remove heavy metals from your body – you’ll begin to experience an overall increase in brain power and concentration. Stepping out of the realm of brain toxicity is the most effective way to sharpen your mind and even prevent the establishment or progression of brain-specific ailments, such as migraines and even degenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Benefit #4 – Clearer Skin 

Did you know that your skin is the largest organ in your body? Not only is this the largest organ, but it’s the only organ that’s on display for the rest of the world. As many alternative health practitioners will agree, if your internal body is battling with toxin accumulation (or toxin overload), then the clarity and quality of your skin will showcase such troubles. In fact, many practitioners can determine the overall health of a person by the quality of their skin. If you’re suffering from problem skin, such as premature aging, acne or mysterious rashes, then you’re likely suffering from an excess accumulation of toxins.

young-woman-with-health-skin-and-with-orchid-flowerBy incorporating a detox program into your life, you automatically begin to produce physical signs of improvement through enhanced skin quality and clarity. While there are detox programs designed specifically for this part of your body, any detox program will produce positive skin benefits. Don’t be surprised if your skin quality appears to worsen during the initial phase of a detox program. Many people experience this temporary increase of pimples and other ailments as the body begins to eliminate toxins through its natural elimination channels – the skin being one of them. However, after a couple of weeks of sticking to a healthy detox plan, your skin will soon become clearer, softer and in some cases, signs of aging may be reduced.

Benefit #5 – Enhanced Immune System

Throughout many detoxification programs or activities, multiple organs are treated and supported. By enhancing the functionality of vital organs, you free up the activity of your immune system, which allows it to focus on real problem areas and not “false” issues caused directly by toxins or inflammation. Also, the immune system is enhanced by your intake of essential vitamins and nutrients. The promotion of your immune system assists in your body’s own natural ability to eradicate harmful toxins and free radicals, which is the number one goal of any detox program.

healthy-juicePerhaps one of the most notable benefits of a detoxification program is the support of your digestive system, which is literally where your immune system lives. By supporting the release of waste matter and cultivating a healthy balance of gut bacteria, your entire immune system is supported, which results in a greater ability to ward off infections and illnesses. This benefit can be enhanced by undertaking specific detox programs designed to support the functionality and health of your immune system.

Benefit #6 – Lowered Inflammatory Response 

What if you were to find out that many of your bodily ailments were a direct influence of not germs or bacteria, but rather your own body’s response to toxins? While this may seem strange, the number one reason why most people are not operating in an efficient and healthy manner is because of their own natural inflammatory response to external and internal stimuli.

Throughout the past several years, researchers have narrowed their focus on the concept of inflammation – and their findings have literally changed the way physicians and medical scientists approach illnesses and chronic conditions. Inflammation literally affects every system in your body. As tissues and cells become inflamed, the body’s natural ability to tend to injuries and illness is reduced. If inflammation goes unchecked, it can lead to a myriad of chronic health conditions, such as cardiovascular disease. In severe cases, inflammation can directly influence an environment for serious diseases, which may result in catastrophic side effects.

smoothie-drink-with-mint-on-table-in-high-keyThrough the act of detoxification, your body is naturally supported to eliminate inflammation by enhancing the concentration of essential vitamins, minerals and specialized compounds. When your inflammatory response is reduced, symptoms and side effects for many ailments are automatically eliminated and your body begins to adjust how it responds to toxins.

Benefit # 7 – Reduce Risk of Developing Cancer

Almost every person in the United States is affected by cancer in some fashion. Whether a relative or friend has been diagnosed, or even yourself, cancer is among the leading causes of death within our nation. While there are many elements – both genetic and environmental – that influence the proliferation of cancer, researchers believe one of the top causes is an overload of toxins. Many researchers believe the formulation of cancerous cells is caused by environmental and dietary toxins, which actively mutate cells on the DNA level. These mutations can result in cancerous cells, which can progress to affect the entire body, or specific organs.

spinach-and-apple-smoothie-20150727075414While this benefit does not suggest undertaking a detox program can eliminate cancer, it can help reduce the risk of developing cancer by eliminating the environment cancer cells need to form and grow. By introducing a vast amount of antioxidants and other compounds into your body, free radicals (or toxins) are effectively eliminated, which significantly reduces your risk of cellular mutation, and ultimately, cancer formation. Along with eliminating free radicals, the immune system boost given through a detox program helps relieve the stress placed on our immune systems, which allows this essential function to effectively cleanse and eradicate toxins and other harmful compounds from our body.

Benefit # 8 – Increase Your Sex Drive and Quality of Sex

Perhaps one of the most surprising benefits of a detoxification program is its influence on your sex drive. As toxins accumulate in your body, they indirectly influence the mental and physical factors that go into formulating your sex drive and ability to perform. For example, excess toxins can destroy your cardiovascular system, which reduces the deliver of oxygen-rich blood throughout your body, but especially to appendages, such as the penis. When there is a lack of blood flow to the penis, it’s unable to achieve strong, lasting erections. Toxins also have an ability to influence the hormonal balances within your brain responsible for supporting a natural libido.

fruit-smoothiesBy engaging in detoxification programs, your sex drive is supported through a variety of methods. First, the physical health required to experience high-quality sexual arousal is supported. For example, many detox programs lower high blood pressure and increase overall circulation, which is imperative for both men and women to achieve and maintain successful sexual performance. Secondly, the hormonal chemicals responsible for triggering your sexual libido and performance capabilities maintain a healthy balance. In fact, many people who complete detox program uncover a surprising benefit – their desire for sex and ability to sexually perform is dramatically enhanced.

Other Noteworthy Benefits of a Detox Program

Along with the aforementioned benefits, a detoxification program can provide the following benefits:

  • Hormonal Balance
  • Improved Sleep Quality
  • Organ Detoxification
  • Liver Support and Rejuvenation
  • Healthier Responses to Emotional and Physical Stress
  • Increased Metabolism
  • Weight Loss
  • Addiction Relief (Especially for stimulating substances, such as nicotine and caffeine)
  • Overall Boost in Bodily System Functionality

The Bottom Line

While a detoxification program may not be able to provide the level of support or cleansing that many “advertisements” claim, the act of detoxification is imperative to support your body’s own natural ability to eliminate toxins and cultivate a healthy internal environment. If you’re interested in starting a detoxification program, spend time researching and uncovering the best detox programs for you. It’s important to realize some of the most effective detox treatments aren’t the most radical in terms of severity. In fact, by simply incorporating specific drinks, herbs and exercises into your daily activities, you can achieve powerful detoxification.