Diet for Those with Lipedema

Eating Plan

A study was made in the UK. According to it, 95% of women suffering from lipedema claim that even though they can lose pounds from dieting, they do not lose them evenly from their whole body. It is almost impossible for them to lose weight from their thighs and hips no matter how many calories they consume per day. Those suffering from this condition should eat healthy foods and stick to a well-balanced diet to prevent excessive weight. Some women claim that their situation gets worse if they eat processed foods and drink alcohol.

Physical Activity

One should do some exercises, such as swimming, cycling, and walking to increase blood flow in the affected areas. Women suffering from lipedema should avoid high impact activities because they may cause pain in their joints. The most beneficial exercising is swimming. It eases the pain in the joints and promotes lymphatic and venous function.

It is also recommended to walk in water what causes no pain in the legs. Those women who don’t like doing exercises should change their lifestyle; otherwise, they are likely to suffer from lack of mobility. Women with lipedema shouldn’t sit or stand for long periods. They should try to exercise regularly.

Below, there is an introductory video for those suffering from Lipedema:

Below, there is one more video with complete instructions on how to exercise with Lipedema: