Doing the Right Thing doesn’t have to be so hard

The world today has, as some people have said, many shades of gray. It’s a term that makes it easier to say that doing the right thing – doing good – has become more difficult, as many situations are now not as simple as they seem.

However, does that mean that doing the right thing should always be so difficult? Not exactly.


One reason why people think that doing the right thing or doing good is difficult is that they sometimes think of it in terms of scale. They want something with a social or community impact. The truth is, it’s best to follow the old saying: start small. Personal acts of kindness in one-on-one interactions are a good place to start, be it buying a person a meal if they look down-and-out, or it could be as simple as having an ear to listen to their troubles.

Even if you are helping only individuals, society in general will still benefit from your actions, if you keep on helping other people in “small ways.”

Another paralyzing factor is thinking about the consequences. Sometimes, when we do help someone out, there may be financial, social, or even security issues involved. The best thing to do is start with easy stuff. Do acts of kindness to others that is a healthy balance of risk and reward for yourself (yes, it’s okay to be a bit selfish).

It’s like earning experience for yourself – as it becomes more natural for a person to help others out, the easier it will be for them to balance their needs and the needs of others.

The will

Many people are affected by the idea that they seem to find no worth in helping another person out – that going out of their way is too much of an inconvenience. Yes, it does sound callous, but again, human nature is also about getting used to doing things, and forming habits. Don’t try to do anything if your heart is not in it. Why not help in a way that you also find happiness in? If, for example, you’re a chess enthusiast, then why not start by playing chess with people in the park? From that action, it will be easier to see what else you can do to help others out.


Some people debate that it’s also a matter of opportunity, that doing good or doing the right thing needs timing. Again, this points to the first argument, that it must be something that matters. The thing is, it’s not about doing something important. It’s about doing something right, something good. It can be something as simple as helping out in the local soup kitchen, or even just donating extra stuff from your house to the homeless shelters. It’s not about going out of your way, it’s about doing what you can do, in your own capacity.

Once people realize that doing good and doing the right thing is all about that, and not bigger ideas, then people will have no problem – and the community will be much improved because of it.