Everything you should know about the Moon Diet

For many people, this diet is a godsend. Not all of us are aware of how the moon influences the water collected in our body. The waning moon can accelerate our metabolism, decrease our appetite, and improve the detoxification process. You can stick to the diet alone or make it the part of your eating plan. Those sticking to this diet are likely to see fast results that have no adverse effects.

According to this diet, you have to consume plenty of water. Make sure that you drink more than two liters of pure water a day. This will help you to restore your body-fluid level.

It is recommended to stick to this diet for 4 days, which means that you have to start it 2 days before the waning moon. During this time, you are likely to lose something like 4 kilograms. Doesn’t it sound great? Of course, it is! But there are some instructions that have to be followed strictly if you want to achieve the desired results.

Where should I start?

Before starting to keep to the diet, make sure that you know when it is the waning moon phase. To do so, a lunar phase calendar will be needed. Find out when the waning moon phase starts and begin the diet two days before. If it’s not the right time, then all you can do for now is to have a look at the diet menu, memorizing it.

Moon Diet Eating Plan

This menu includes seven meals with a two-hour interval.  Starting at 8 o’clock in the morning, the last meal you will have at 8 o’clock in the evening. The plan is the following.

Until the noon, you will have to drink a cup of unsweetened tea and two boiled eggs or 150 grams of boiled rice. You can sweeten your tea with some honey if you want. Do not forget to make a two-hour interval between two meals.

For lunch, have a cup of black coffee. At two o’clock in the afternoon, have a small piece of beef with some veggies. At 4 pm, have an apple or two. Two hours later, eat 150 grams of fat-less curd cheese and end you day with a cup of coffee, tea or a glass of red wine at 8 pm.

When it comes to beef, you can replace it with other low-calorie meat or fish during the next three days. Remember to eat vegetables without any sauces. All you can do to improve their taste is to season them with some herbs. During these four days, drink much water and tea with no sugar. The amount of food offered by the diet is satisfying, so you will not starve.

What should I wait from this diet?

As you already know, during the waning moon phase our body can take more nutrients and detoxify itself. Even though many diets have many side effects such as weakness and sickness, the moon diet has nothing to do with them. Moreover, those who have tried this diet claim that it makes them feel full of energy.  

One more good thing about this diet is that it teaches you not to overeat. All advantages of the diet along with the fact that one can lose up to four kilograms for four days make it a perfect choice for a modern woman.

What you shouldn’t forget

Even though this diet offers fast results, it has nothing to do with healthy eating. This diet plan is perfect if you want to look great on a specific day as it allows losing much weight in almost no time. However, if you want to achieve long-term results and improve your health, then you have to balance your daily nutrition and caloric intake and do some physical activities.