Fruit and Yogurt Weight Loss Diet Plan

Summer is here and you want to tuck in that tummy before beach week. You’ve been unhappy with your body and you want to change that. It’s almost time for your wedding and you want to drop a size. Whatever the reason happens to be, it’s have the same conclusion: exercise and diet. This is for those seeking advice on the latter half of that conclusion. What diet is the right diet?

The internet is inundated with diets, from bogus to legitimate to for-a-specific-person-only. And some that are downright life-threatening. How about a modern diet that won’t have you seeing the light? I’m talking about the fruit and yogurt diet. Not only do you not have to make questionable shakes or spend a fortune to lose a bit of fat, it’s easy.

Fruits are not a foreign substance to your body and thus you do not have to worry about how your body will react to them. They also contain all the nutrients needed for a healthy body system. Your vitamins, your sugars, your carbs, they are all there, in the fruits. Yogurt takes care of the dairy part of the diet. Through these two components, you have encompassed the entirety of the food pyramid. Just through fruits and yogurt.


How can one structure this diet? It is up to the person and their daily calorie needs, but the following is a sample meal plan for a day.


The breakfast should consist of a fresh fruit smoothie or juice, whichever you prefer, with a bowl of yogurt, nuts optional. Berries, either blueberries, blackberries, strawberries or raspberries would be a nice addition and complement to the yogurt.


As for lunch, make a fruit-rich yogurt smoothie and a fruit salad, which is made by cutting up various fruits and mixing them together, the salt, pepper, sugar being optional or amounts to your liking.


For dinner, eat a fruit recipe of your choice, albeit a light one. A heavy meal before sleep can be unhelpful.

Keep the determination, but also remember to keep alive. Dieting is something to be done in moderation and not to an extreme. This diet is a healthy one, as well as a safe one. Customize your meal plan and be on your way to lose weight.