Get rid of 76 pounds in 5 weeks with Protein-Sparing Diet

This diet is a perfect choice for those suffering from obesity. It helps them lose weight at a high pace. Along with dietary components, this diet is also focused on both health and behavior. Since the diet is very restrictive, you should consult your doctor before sticking to it.

In a perfect world, one should get rid of fat tissue rather than lose several pounds of lean body mass while being on the diet. However, losing lean body mass is an essential part of every low-calorie diet. Although the protein-sparing diet is about taking less than 900 calories a day, it provides the body with the needed amount of protein to avoid lean body mass loss.  

How the Diet Works

Our body needs carbohydrates to use them as their main source of energy. However, if you reduce you daily carbohydrate intake, your body will start to burn fat to get some energy. Since you eat enough amount of high-protein food, your body won’t use any protein stored in your muscles as a source of energy. Fast fat burning results in the production of ketones that come out from your body through the urinary system. This process is known as ketosis. Since this diet is ketogenic, dieters lose their appetite and thus lose more weight.

The eating plan is based on seafood, lean, chicken, and a limited amount of low-carb veggies. Dieters shouldn’t consume other foods containing fat and carbohydrates. Lacking nutrients should be taken with supplements. Once the desired results are achieved, introduce into your diet more carbs and reduce your daily protein intake gradually to control your weight.

What the Research Says

According to the research done in 1985, dieters could lose 47 pounds for five weeks while some people could get rid of 76 pounds. During the post-diet period, dieters gained 6 pounds on the average. Their blood presser and triglyceride levels were reduced significantly. The most successful dieters were those with the biggest amount of excessive weight and the longest post-diet phase.


During the protein-sparing diet, when dieters consume fewer carbs, their bodies start eliminating much water. Because of this, one can experience dehydration. Therefore, it is crucial if you consult your doctor while being on the diet. Moreover, consuming foods that aren’t allowed on the diet can cause dangerous imbalances in fluid and electrolytes and impact your weight loss plan.