Greasy Hair Mask Solutions

Every woman dreams about healthy and lustrous locks. On our heads, there are many glands producing oil that is responsible for how our hair looks. Too much oil makes our hair look faded. Today, both men and women suffer from oily hair. There is no chance for your hair to look perfect if you use cosmetics that don’t suit your hair type.

If you want to be proud of your hair, then you should avoid using too many chemicals and start applying natural homemade masks. To make them, you don’t have to waste much money or time. Below, there are several hair mask recipes that can be made with no questions asked. Choose your favorite one to stop increased sebum production to have fresh and thick hair.   

Are There Any Eggs and Lemons in Your Refrigerator?

An easy way to have shiny locks is to go for natural ingredients. For this masks, you will need a white egg beaten until stiff peaks, juice of a lemon, and 1 tbsp of salt. Using the ingredients, prepare a creamy mass. Spread it onto your hair roots and forget about it for thirty minutes. To get rid of the mixture, no hot water can be used.

Add Some Strawberries

This secret is all about strawberries. These red berries are not only tasty but also healthy. Blend some strawberries until smooth and apply them on your hair. Give the mask ten minutes to come into play before you wash it out. Even though strawberries are the key ingredient, other ingredients are also acceptable. As the result, your hair will look and smell incredible.

Use Some Clay

To reduce greasiness, apply a clay mask. This recipe uses either green or blue clay. Both variants are perfect for scrubbing your head and reducing increased sebum production. Dilute some clay with water: the mixture must be easy to apply. Leave it for a quarter of an hour and get rid of it rinsing it out with water and shampoo before the clay dries out.   

Mix Clay with an Egg Yolk

This recipe uses the following ingredients: clay, an egg yolk, and some water. Take the needed amount of clay and stir it with other ingredients to get a smooth mixture that is easy to apply. Except for reducing sebum production, this mask works for hair growth promotion as well. To wash out the mask, use tepid water and your favorite cosmetics.

Apply Some Yogurt on Your Hair

The longer hair you have, the larger amount of yogurt you need. Combine the yogurt with baking soda and stir them well. You can use the mask as it is or you can add other ingredients to it. Some lemon juice and a white egg would be just fine. Do not apply the mask more than four times a month and longer than for thirty minutes. If you add an egg to the mixture, make sure to rinse it out with tepid water; otherwise, a folded egg will make your hair look like a tangled mass. If not, warm water is just fine.

Use Some Salt Along with an Egg White

In a bowl, combine one egg white beaten until soft peaks with 1 tbsp of salt and beat it until stiff peaks. Add juice of a half of a lemon to the bowl and stir everything well. Since the recipe uses an egg white as a key ingredient, make sure to wash your head with tepid water after thirty minutes. Do not apply this mixture if your scalp is irritated because there is salt which may cause burning.

Try Some Honey with Lemon Juice

To make this mask, take equal amounts of honey, aloe gel, lemon juice, and egg yolk. Mix everything in a bowl and apply the mixture onto your hair roots. Give it twenty minutes to come into play and then rinse it out with tepid water.