How to Get Back into the Dating Scene after a Long-Term Relationship Heartache

Finding true love after a breakup from a long term relationship is undeniably hard. But the truth of the matter is, you need to continue on with your life without your ex. This is harder said than done, especially for men and women who just came out of serious, long-term relationships. The feelings of shock, anger, and depression are natural and should be accepted as they are. But after all of these negative emotions pass, what do you do next?

Here are some dating tips that you can use once you decide to start dating other people again:

Try To Be Yourself On The First Date

You just got out of a six-year relationship and all you can think of is your ex. This is quite natural, especially if you’ve gotten used to doing everything with that other person. But once that’s done, give yourself sometime to be free. If you are going out on a date, be casual and friendly.

Remember that you don’t need to impress the other person. Conversations over a cup of coffee or going out for a friendly movie date will be a fun, first date experience. These are usually the perfect first dates if you want to know a person more, and assess if you are indeed ready to go out on serious dates in the future.

Do Not Talk About Your Ex

You will be tempted to talk about your ex when you’re out on a date. This is natural, but do try to keep the “ex files” brief and only in passing. Getting into details will most likely turn your date off. They may even think that you’re really not over your ex, when in fact you’re already ready to move on.

Do Not Go Out With A Person Who Also Just Got Out Of A Long Term Relationship

Going out with someone who has the same heartache as you may seem like a perfect idea. After all, you will most likely be able to relate to each other’s problems and experiences. You may even feel that you are compatible with one another. However, this type of situation should be avoided at all cost.

Rebound relationships usually do not last that long. You may only end up hurting each other by realizing soon enough that you just entered a relationship out of sheer sadness and depression.

Do Not Look For A Date, Just Hang

Hanging out with a girl or a guy you are most compatible with may be more than enough to fill that empty space in your heart. People who just got out of long-term relationships are broken because they got used to having someone by their side. By doing activities with another person, you will be able to feel that there is actually life after a ten-year relationship.

If you don’t feel like hanging with another person, give yourself some time to relax and chill by yourself. By enjoying some alone time, you will be able to realize what you really need once you’re ready to seriously date again.

Dating is a tricky endeavor, especially when you haven’t been in the scene for a long while. Becoming more social and spending time with family and friends will eventually make you forget about the past and prepare you for a future, that which is full of dating prospects and opportunities.