Lipton Diet Green Tea & Weight

If you want to lose some weight, green tea may help you do that. There are lots of green teas offered by Lipton that have no calories. When it comes to controlling weight, some of them bring better results than others. Discuss this issue with your doctor to see what kind of beverage suits your diet best.

Green Tea and Loss of Weight

A negative caloric balance must be created to get rid of several pounds. You can achieve that by consuming fewer calories and leading a more active way of life. Green tea contains much caffeine and catechins which make your body burn more calories. In fact, this beverage can make you lose pounds, although your results won’t be significant. However, green tea can help you save some calories to create a negative caloric balance.

Lipton Green Tea Bags

Even though they aren’t labeled as diet ones, Lipton Green Tea bags are a perfect choice for those managing their weight. There are caffeinated, decaffeinated, and flavored tea bags. No matter what kind of flavor you choose, one serving of beverage from the bag contains 50-150 mg of catechins. If you opt for regular tea, then with one serving your body will get 9-50 mg of caffeine.

Diet Lipton Tea

The only diet tea offered by Lipton is mixed berry one. This beverage contains no calories and is rich in Vitamin C. The tea also has dipeptide sweetener and caffeine. Even though it is calorie-free, it contains an artificial sweetener that isn’t the best choice for those sticking to a diet. There is evidence that consuming artificial sweeteners promote weight gain as they increase food cravings. Because of artificial sweeteners, people may choose high-calorie food over low-calorie one. However, dieting experts don’t mind if their patients consume artificial sweeteners until they are a part of a healthy eating plan.

How Lipton Tea Helps Lose Pounds

Both berry green tea and tea bags offered by Lipton are calorie-free what makes them a good choice for those tending to lose some weight. However, if you want to burn more calories, then you better opt for brewed tea bags as they contain more caffeine and catechins. To sweeten your beverage, add some sugar or honey in your cup. A sugar substitute is also a good choice. If you opt for traditional sweetener, then you better count the calories you consume to control your calorie intake. In summer, use tea bags to prepare iced tea.


Things to Consider

Even though Lipton Tea contains many nutrients, not everyone can drink it. Those suffering from various diseases, such as hypertension, kidney disorders, gastric ulcers, and mental disorder, as well as pregnant and lactating women, should avoid drinking green tea. This beverage interacts with various meds, including antibiotics, sedating, heart and blood pressure pills, and other meds. If you are taking any medications, then you should ask your doctor’s permission before you start using green tea to lose some weight.