Lose 13 pounds in a month with vegetable diet menu

Vegetable diet – ideal for those who want to lose weight and cleanse the body, without risking their health. Vegetable diet helps you lose nearly 13 pounds per month, getting the minimum number of calories and the maximum amount of vitamins.

This diet is suitable also for people suffering from:

  • obesity
  • heart disease
  • intestinal problems

Vegetable diet has only positive reviews because it is good for your health and gives you the opportunity to lose weight very quickly.


You should eat at least one kilogram of raw, steamed or boiled vegetables a day. Most importantly, don’t eat many potatoes.

You can eat also:

  • lean fish
  • boiled eggs
  • toasts
  • cereals
  • fresh juices

It is forbidden to eat:

  • oily fish
  • sausages
  • smoked food
  • canned foods
  • sweets
  • various sauce

The most popular vegetable diet is for a week, for two to three weeks and for one month. Although you will feel yourself much better already in three days.


First day

Breakfast: light salad, boiled egg and a cup of coffee (but without sugar).

Lunch: vegetable soup, baked potato, and peas.

Dinner: boiled cauliflower.

Second day

Breakfast: salad and cottage cheese, green tea

Lunch: stewed cabbage, a small piece of lean meat, low-fat yogurt drink,

Afternoon: pumpkin baked with honey

Dinner: broccoli and asparagus, dressed with olive oil and lemon juice.

Third day

Breakfast: cheese with tomato, a cup of coffee,

Lunch: lean fish and salad

Afternoon: parsnip, baked slices, celery juice

Dinner: eggplant and squash stew.

Do not forget also that every day you should consume about two liters of water.