Lose Weight On The Grape Diet

Is it really possible to lose weight on the grape diet? You bet it is. One of the best parts about the grape diet plan for weight loss is the fact that the grape diet menu plan is astonishingly simple. All you have to consume are grapes and water.

While the grape diet menu plan is refreshingly simple, there are things you are going to want to keep in mind if you are serious about learning how to lose weight on the grape diet.


Another nice thing about the grape diet detox is that it actually works. Grapes come packed with various nutrients and antioxidants. Simply eating grapes over the course of a normal day is a great way to prevent a number of diseases. Obviously, the grape diet is a little more intensive than that, in terms of how many grapes you are going to have to consume.


Yes, you are indeed going to have to eat a lot of grapes to lose weight on the grape diet. The three-day version is the one that you are going to want to try. This will begin by eating a pound of grapes on day 1. You can eat grapes with seeds or seedless grapes. However, keep in mind that the grape diet menu plan on grapes with seeds can give you the absolute best results. You can eat white grapes, red grapes, or pink grapes. Just do your best to make sure the grapes you are eating are organic.

Obviously, you shouldn’t eat the whole pound of grapes in a single sitting. Try to eat a few every couple of hours. Apply this thought to day two, which will have you eating three pounds of grapes. You are probably going to want to eat a few more at each two-hour increment. Try to drink a little less water than you did on day one, as well.

Day three of your grape diet menu plan will have you eating four pounds. The great thing about day three is that you can eat them at a more rapid pace. Your metabolism loves grapes. Note that if you feel headaches or slight dizziness, this is not malnutrition. As you lose weight on the grape diet, your body will begin detoxing itself. Just stick with the diet, drink water as needed, and you should be fine. There is also a seven-day version of this diuretic plan with considerable energy and detox benefits.