Lose Weight with Nopalina

Nopalina is used in food and is believed to normalize your cholesterol and sugar blood levels, promote your digestion system functioning, and activate your weight-loss process.


Nopalina has genuine Canadian linseeds that contain more Omega-3, 6, 9 fatty acids than other flaxseeds. This fiber supplement also includes oat shorts, wheat middling and Plantago ovate seed shells that will reduce your eating cravings and contribute to your weight loss.

Weight Loss

Alpha-linolenic acid, found in flaxseeds, is characterized by a high content of Omega-3 fatty acids. Consuming healthy fats will help you slow your food absorption reducing your appetite in such a way. Flaxseeds present the largest part of Nopalina mix; that’s why those consuming the mix are likely to lose their weight faster.

In 2001, there has been a study published. According to it, those who increase their daily fiber intake by fourteen grams are likely to lose about two kilos in less than four months. Since the supplement contains much fiber, it is highly recommended for those tending to lose some weight effortlessly.

Weight Maintenance

As you have already known, the mix contains psyllium, Plantago ovate seed shells, as well. It is believed to form a gelatinous substance which promotes the movement of waste through the intestinal tract. Since psyllium can make you feel full, it can reduce your eating cravings.  

How to Use the Mix

Nopalina comes in 160-gram packages in the form of capsules or 1-lb bags in the form of powder. Mix 1 tbsp of the powder in a cup of pure water or juice and drink it two times a day. If you have capsules, then take four of them twice a day washing them down with some water. It is better if you drink at least two liters of water a day during a half a year at the least.


Since the mix contains a vast number of natural laxatives, it is likely to cause an under-active colon. Therefore, it is crucial if you consult your doctor before you start to consume Nopalina.