Lose Weight With Sauerkraut Diet

How to Prepare Pickled Cabbage or Sauerkraut

A simple way of preserving cabbage for winter is to pickle it. The traditional recipe of sauerkraut uses only two ingredients which are cabbage and salt. To prepare pickled cabbage, shred two cabbage heads and mix them with two tablespoons of unrefined salt. Give the cabbage at least seven days for pickling. The process can take up to four weeks. Once it is done, keep the cabbage in cold and store it for at least six months.

Sauerkraut is known for its health properties. When home-pickled, it contains the vitamin C and good bacteria that improve both the immune and digestion systems. Sour cabbage influences the production of healthy cells, lowers bad cholesterol levels and slows the aging process.

Those using sauerkraut in food more rarely suffer from heart diseases, costiveness, and gastrointestinal upsets.  Since 100 grams of pickled cabbage has only forty calories, consuming it is a perfect way to lose some weight.  Sticking to a sauerkraut diet for three days will let you get rid of about six pounds while detoxification your body. This is a combined diet that involves two processes – weight loss and detoxification.  

Menu for the Sauerkraut Diet

If you decide to stick to the sauerkraut diet, make sure to eat nothing but pickled cabbage on the first day. You have to divide approximately three pounds of sauerkraut into three meals. In such a way you will boost your metabolism and start the process of detoxication. Before eating pickled cabbage, rinse it with water to wash out salt.

On the second day, in the morning, it is recommended to eat a ½ pound of pickled cabbage, a boiled egg, and several slices of bread. For lunch, you can have the same amount of cabbage and an apple. And for dinner, you can bake sauerkraut with several potatoes, some milk and butter, and season everything with your favorite spices. The third day of the diet is all about combining menus from the day 1 and 2.

Note: Remember to drink as much water and sugar-free tea as possible. For better results, add some lemon juice to the water.  Before starting the diet, consult a doctor.  

Pros and Cons for the Sauerkraut Diet


  • One can stick to the diet in any season.
  • It is possible to lose six pounds for three days.
  • It is not expensive.
  • Pickled cabbage is rich in vitamin B, vitamin C, phosphor, calcium, and other minerals.
  • Sauerkraut improves the digestion system and prevents water retention.  

Cons :

  • The diet is unbalanced and lacks carbohydrates.
  • It may cause headaches, diarrhea, and drum belly and decrease reaction rate.
  • It isn’t recommended for people suffering from hypertension, kidney conditions, and colitis.
  • This is a short-term diet which has nothing to do with healthy balanced eating.