Miranda Oldroyd Diet Plan for Athletes

While some athletes wonder how hard they have to work to get lean, others attain a particular aesthetic look with ease. Most of the athletes get most of their carbohydrates from veggies and fruit. However, to sustain their body weight, they have to go for refined carbs as well. They shouldn’t worry about gaining fat that can affect their performance.

Many trainers believe that adding more refined carbs to a diet would work well for most athletes. Below, there is an eating plan consisting of food and supplements. It is all about consuming more refined carbohydrates. Don’t consider this diet as a common meal plan for every athlete, but if you want to get optimal physical output, you should definitely try it.  

Diet Eating Plan from Miranda Oldroyd

In the morning, which starts around 8 am, have a cup of black coffee and eat two boiled eggs, a half of a muffin with some almond butter, and a half of a banana. Don’t forget about taking some fish oil in the form of supplement. The period of time between 9 and 11 am is a perfect time to workout. After you workout, have a scoop of PROGENEX Recovery and two scoops of PROGENEX Build.

At noon, have a PROGENEX bar and drink a cup of black iced coffee. One and a half hour later go to workout. Afterwards, have one and a half scoop of PROGENEX Recovery and two scoops of PROGENEX Build. At five o’clock in the evening, have 115 grams of boiled rice, 170 grams of meat seasoned with a scoop of salsa and guacamole, and some corn tortilla chips.

For the second dinner, have 100 grams of meat, three potatoes, some almond butter, and one broccoli. Before going to bed, have a square of dark chocolate, some fish oil, and PROGENEX Cocoon. Don’t forget to take a daily dose of vitamins.