8 Easy and Effective Natural Ways to Detox Your Body

Are you feeling a little more sluggish than normal? Are you finding it difficult to stay on task and focus throughout your work day? Maybe you’re suffering from acute skin ailments or digestive issues. Regardless of how your body is trying to tell you, it may be time to begin a fully body detoxification program.

Undergone for hundreds of years, whole body detoxification involves the replenishment of vital nutrients while encouraging the elimination of toxins. The concept of detoxification is simple – introduce vital compounds geared toward the removal of free radicals and other toxins while providing your body with much needed rest. However, many people are confused when it comes to this process due to the wide array of misinformation in popular media. However, if you’re interested in maximizing your potential and becoming the best version of you, then you it’s time to consider an all natural body detoxification.

The Elements of an Effective Detoxification Routine

In order to understand how to fully detox your body, you must understand what detoxification actually is and how it works. In the most fundamental sense, detoxification is the act of cleansing your blood, tissues and organs from toxin accumulation. Toxins are harmful substances introduced to your body through a myriad of avenues, but most commonly through food, lifestyle choices (such as smoking and drinking alcohol) as well as via environmental toxins, such as car pollution and water impurities.

Natural Detoxification Programs Support Biological Cleansing By…

  • Providing much-needed rest for vital organs through fasting. By easing the loads on the digestive system, and other connected systems, it’s able to heal and rejuvenate itself. This is especially helpful after going through a period of over-taxing specific organs.
  • Directly stimulating the liver to support natural toxin removal and liver cell rejuvenation.
  • Enhance the elimination of waste matter from the intestines, kidney and bladder through the use of specific detox techniques and herbs.
  • Improved blood circulation, which enhances the delivery of nutrients throughout the body while increasing the filtration of toxins from the bloodstream.
  • Providing fuel to the entire body by increasing the concentration of essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals and specialized enzymes.

How To Know If You Should Detoxify Your Body

While many alternative medicine practitioners recommend a full body detox at least once a year, there are several universal signs your body may be trying to convey. Although natural detoxification programs are generally considered safe for most adults, many healthcare practitioners recommend nursing mothers, chronic degenerative disease patients and children should not undergo a detox program. As always, before starting a detoxification program, it’s imperative that you speak with your physician to determine its safety before starting.

This being noted, there are several bodily symptoms associated with the need for a full body detoxification. If you’re suffering one or more of the following symptoms, a detox program may be your ideal choice:

  • Fatigue/Low-Energy
  • Constipation or unfulfilled evacuation of your bowels
  • Unexplained allergies
  • Sudden skin irritations
  • Puffiness under your eyes
  • Non-serious infections
  • Digestive system bloating
  • Issues with menstruation
  • Mental fog/confusion

How to Begin an Effective Detoxification Program 

While the type of detoxification program you choose can vary, the beginning phases of any detoxification treatment is universal. The most important step in starting a detox is to begin lowering your toxin intake. Eliminate cigarettes, alcohol, coffee, saturated fats and refined sugars from your body. Each of these compounds feature elements known to increase toxins and free radicals within you body. It’s important to also become aware of what you put on your body. Reduce your use of chemically-based health care products, such as shampoos, toothpastes and deodorants. Substitute synthetic products for all-natural alternatives.

Although you should be focusing on lowering your stress levels throughout your daily life, this is especially important before starting a detox. When you undergo mental or physical stress, the hormone cortisol is released in higher quantities. While this is an essential hormone to regulate such bodily processes as breathing and heartbeat, when circulated in mass quantities it actually safeguards toxins within your body from being eliminated. Therefore, take up stress-reducing habits, such as meditating, yoga or a calming hobby. Above else, actively work to eliminate mental stress and anxiety through natural methods.

All Natural Ways to Detox Your Body – A Comprehensive List

There are literally hundreds of specialized detoxification programs. Whether you wish to flush a specific organ or treat specific symptoms and conditions, specialized detoxification can be helpful, but in many cases you need to simply support whole body detoxification. When this is the case, you can turn to various all natural detox techniques to easily and effectively support the elimination of toxins.

#1 | Eliminate Processed Foods and Eat Organic 

If you’re like most, you’re probably tired of hearing about the wonders of eating organic. While many health organizations have turned to this solution for its mass public broadcasts, it is based in solid truth. The amount of toxins and chemicals found in the average American diet is staggering. With the majority of food sources coming from processed ingredients filled with additives and chemical ingredients, it’s no wonder many suffer from toxin overdose.

pasta-with-italian-sausage-meat-saucePasta with Italian meat sauce

The most important – and effective – way to promote toxin release is completely eliminating processed foods. This typically means avoiding foods that are pre-packaged. Many natural health proponents suggest if you can’t make it yourself, then you shouldn’t eat it. In most cases, they are completely correct.

While avoiding processed foods, you should turn to natural and organic food ingredients. Although organic fruits, vegetables and meats can be more expensive than their synthetic and chemically-based counterparts, the health benefits are far worth the extra price. Of course, you can curb the cost of eating organic by visiting your local farmer’s market.

#2 | Increase Your Water Consumption

woman-drinking-a-glass-of-waterWoman drinking a glass of water

Perhaps the most effective way to eliminate toxins from your body while simultaneously supporting every major body system is simply drinking water. Filtered water plays a direct role in eliminating harmful compounds from your body as it effectively flushes every system. What’s better? This is the easiest natural detox technique. All you have to do is drink water all throughout the day. By supplementing with proper water intake, you’ll soon experience properly functioning organs, clearer skin, increased blood circulation and enhanced digestive system function. As a general rule of thumb, drink a minimum of 64 ounces of filtered water per day.

#3 | Skip the Coffee for Organic Green Tea

coffeeCup of coffee, milk and shortcake

Some detoxification programs completely eliminate caffeine, while others simply reduce your overall intake. However, if you’re looking for ways to continuously support the removal of toxins you should start by switching your morning beverage. While coffee does have several health benefits, it does not come close to touching the lengthy medicinal benefits offered by green tea. The second most consumed beverage in the world – just behind water – green tea features a high concentration of powerful antioxidants. The most notable of these is a compound known as EGCG. This unique plant-based antioxidant actively works to attack and kill free radicals circulating throughout your body. These toxins are extremely dangerous as they alter the DNA of otherwise health cells and tissues. By drinking at least three cups of green tea per day, you’ll maintain a high level of antioxidants, which will continuously work to eliminate toxins while supporting healthy organ function and mental sharpness.

#4 | Ignore the Couch and Hit the Gym 

man-and-woman-friends-on-sport-gym-relaxedMan and Woman in Gym

For many, true relaxation is lounging on their couch and watching a favorite TV show or reading a book. While this form of rest is essential, if your daily exercise consists of walking from your car to your workplace, then you’re setting yourself up for future health ailments. While your diet and water intake play direct roles in toxin accumulation – and removal – the core of any true natural detox program is exercise. Physical activity not only helps shed unwanted pounds and tone muscles, but cardiovascular and strength training exercises stimulate every organ in your body. This stimulation supports its natural function, which includes its ability to flush toxins.

#5 | Evict Your Colon – Eat Natural Fiber for Whole Body Health

rice-assortmentDifferent Types of Rice

The suggestion of eating more fiber is nothing new to anyone living in modern society. With a vast array of public health announcements and commercial advertisements proclaiming the need and value of fiber, it’s no secret this substance is essential for good health. However, not just any fiber will do. The entire purpose of consuming more fiber is to promote the elimination of waste from your intestines and colon. For many, the digestive system is a storehouse of toxins as this delicate system is heavily influenced by the overall health of your body. In many cases, if you’re suffering from toxin accumulation and other health complications, your digestive system may not be adequately eliminating its waste. This often results in a state of retoxification, which is when captured toxins are once again released into the body due to improper elimination. However, most of this can be averted by supporting a healthy digestive system through adequate fiber intake. Obtain your fiber from organic fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Flaxseed supplements are especially effective at cleansing the colon and promoting the release of toxins throughout your entire body.

#6 | Reduce Contact With Environmental Toxins

woman-with-smoking-restriction-signNo Smoking

This may be one of the most difficult steps to all natural detoxification as many of us live in an environment filled with toxins, such as air pollution and tainted drinking water. While you may not be able to completely eliminate your contact with environmental toxins, you can reduce your contact with such substances. For example, do not visit establishments where cigarette smoke is allowed indoors. Even second hand smoke fills your lungs and body with thousands of chemicals and toxins known to support the establishment and growth of cancer. Reduce your contact with air pollution by installing powerful air filters throughout your home and traveling outside of the city for outdoor activities. While these tips may not be necessarily convenient, they are powerful methods to sustain optimum health and low toxin levels.

#7 | Restore Gut Balance with Probiotics

strawberriesYogurt with Strawberries

As stated earlier, your digestive system is a powerhouse for health. When it’s happy and functioning properly, your entire body benefits. However, when its delicate balance of bacteria and other compounds is disturbed, its negative effects are felt from your head to toes. Through the use of probiotics, you effectively eliminate harmful bacteria from your gut. Ingest organic probiotics through food and supplement sources. Many begin to experience the positive benefits of supplementing with probiotics within a matter of days. This goes to show how important and powerful this substance is for complete body health and detoxification.

#8 | Turn to Herbs for Complete Detoxification

herbs-and-spices-selectionHerbs and Spices

All of the aforementioned tips and techniques work with the primary goal of eliminating toxins and supporting healthy bodily functions. However, when you combine these techniques with herbal supplements, you take your detoxification power to the next level. Herbs have been used for thousands of years as a means of treating and preventing a wide array of bodily ailments. In recent years, the scientific community has delved into many herbs, and its results are astounding. Many common herbs have been shown to effectively eliminate toxins and support the heath of your body when taken on a regular basis. Although the list of detoxification herbs is quite long, the following herbs are the most powerful and most available:

Dandelion – Cleanses the liver, supports bile production, enhances bowel regularity and eases joint discomfort.

Organic Milk Thistle – Improves digestive function by supporting bile production and flow. Excellent treatment for gallbladder issues.

Organic Gum Acacia – Promotes digestive system health by supporting full bowel movements and enhancing electrolyte absorption.

Cilantro – Cleanses heavy metal toxins from organ tissues.

Peppermint – Fights off harmful toxins and organisms.

Burdock Root – Features antifungal and antibacterial properties. Effectively detoxifies the liver, gallbladder, blood and epidermal tissues (your skin).

Sarsaparilla – Contains powerful anti-inflammatory properties that specifically target the liver and kidneys. Promotes the elimination of toxins by increasing urine output.