Potato Diet for Easy and Fast Weight Loss

Those tending to lose excessive pounds, want to do that fast and once for all, don’t they?! Here, we will share a secret with you: you can eat potatoes while losing weight! Below, there is a three-day diet eating plan. Even though, it is very simple, it always brings needed results. Stick to it to get rid of your belly fat in no time! Except for potatoes, the menu includes low-calorie yogurt. This diet is very easy to stick. However, make sure that you eat boiled potatoes and not fried!

Three-Day Diet Eating Plan

On the first day of the diet, for breakfast, eat one potato and have a cup of yogurt to drink. For lunch, you can have two potatoes with the same amount of yogurt you had for breakfast. For dinner, two cups of yogurt are enough.

The second day is all about the same – yogurt and potatoes. In the morning, drink a cup of yogurt. For lunch, eat two potatoes and drink the same amount of yogurt you had in the morning. In the evening, eat the same food you had for breakfast on the first day.  

The third day starts with one boiled potato. For lunch, one potato and a cup of yogurt are waiting for you. In the evening, enjoy a cup of yogurt. No salt are allowed any of these days.

Boiled potatoes are healthier than fried once because they have more nutrients and fibers. One serving of boiled potatoes has only seventy five calories. This diet is meant to improve your digestion system, remove retained water, and cleanse your body.