Principles of the Kekwick Weight Loss Diet

Those who want to lose their fat weight fast stick to this diet which is now known as a typical eating plan promoting rapid fat-burning. This diet is all about limiting your daily caloric intake to one thousand calories, where 90% of them accrue to those coming with high-fat food.

How Does the Diet Works?

Since dieters have to take fewer calories with more of them coming with fat food, their bodies burn fat to get energy. The diet has only three steps:

First Step

The first one is all about having five meals a day during five days. The caloric value of every meal shouldn’t be more than 200 calories. A sample meal includes 30 grams of tuna salad eaten with two tablespoons of mayonnaise.

Second Step

The second step is that the dieters can take four meals a day with a total caloric value of one thousand and twenty calories during a week. A sample meal includes 60 grams of beef with some olive oil.

Third step

The third step repeats the first one. In fact, the fundamental principle of the diet is to consume food that is high in fats and low in carbs.  

Things to Consider

Before getting on any crash diet, one should ask a doctor’s permission. You should note that when sticking to a high-fat eating plan, your risk of cardiovascular disease increases. To maintain your weight loss, eat whole grains and veggies.