Releana Weight Loss Plan

This program is about administrating human chorionic gonadotropin while sticking to a diet that limits your caloric intake. Mr. Simeons, a physician from Britain, stated that hCG could promote weight loss. He put his patients on drops of the hormone to make them lose excessive weight.

Main Point

There is information according to which hCG breaks down fat while leaving some needed for the body to function. This hormone helps people get rid of weight faster. Take note that you can’t take up this weight-loss program without a physician’s prescription. Remember that not all doctors allow their patients start following the program.

Things to Consider

Releana drops should be placed under the tongue twice a day. To avoid potential side effects, patients must take a potassium supplement. Dieters who take the drops can get rid of one pound of their weight a day if their daily caloric intake doesn’t exceed 600 calories. They also shouldn’t forget about doing some physical exercises. You should stick to yoga or walking and avoid rigorous activities; otherwise, your appetite will be increased.


This weight program ensures fast weight loss. However, while some people believe that this is the drops that help them lose weight, others think that this is a restrictive diet that brings incredible results. Drops are safer than injected forms of the hormone. Thanks to the program, you can get rid of fat weight without losing muscles. Moreover, you can avoid sagging skin that can appear while being on a specific diet. Before starting following the program, one should be monitored by a doctor.


There is no evidence of longterm results of following the program. Many physicians doubt that it is an excellent choice for those striving to lose some weight because of its side effects. Fast body weight loss may result in dehydration. There is also the risk of fatigue. The calorie-controlled diet isn’t well-balanced because dieters do not get enough food. Because of that, some may lose hair and experience the degraded body system functioning.

Plateau Theory

During the time when your body doesn’t lose any weight, you have to eat 6 apples a day. Such an eating plan will improve your metabolism and allow you continue getting rid of weight again.


Even though patients claim that the drops help them lose weight faster that a restrictive diet does by itself, there is no scientific evidence that they help lose weight and burn fat. The same results were published in a famous British Pharmacological magazine. People who participated in the research and took the drops achieved the same results as those who didn’t, assuming that all of them consumed 500 calories a day.  


Since the drops are produced in the body of a pregnant woman in a natural way, they are considered as a safe product. However, this verdict hasn’t been proved. This program isn’t approved by the FDA as well. For it to recommend these drops, there must be scientific evidence that confirms their safety.