3 Most Common Signs You Need to do a Body Detox

If you pay attention, your body is constantly communicating with you. A rumble in your stomach may mean you’re hungry and a parched feeling in your throat may indicate your thirst. However, did you know the body continuously tries to communicate its ailments with you? What you may pass off as a fleeting moment of discomfort or an uneventful skin breakout may be your body’s way of informing you of a deeper problem. This is where the concept of detoxification comes into play.

The human body has a way of communicating that’s subtle and oftentimes misconstrued. Therefore, when looking through this list of symptoms, you should primarily focus on whether or not you’ve experienced symptoms, but rather how often and how intense the symptom. When it comes to determining whether or not you need to undergo a detoxification process, you should focus not on the symptoms, but rather the frequency, duration and severity of the symptom. If you’ve noticed any of the following symptoms, more than likely your body is crying out for some form of detox. What you chose to do after acknowledging this communication is up to you; however, doing nothing guarantees the symptoms will progress and possibly turn into a more serious condition.

The Most Common Symptoms of Needing a Detox

Toxin accumulation can occur in any bodily system. Therefore, there’s a wide scope of symptoms you must look out for. This being noted, the following symptoms are considered the most common and the easiest to identify.

#1 | Symptom: Low Energy, Chronic Fatigue

Have you noticed your overall energy levels decreasing? Is the motivation you once easily captured now somewhat elusive? There are literally hundreds of reasons why your body is seemingly running on empty. Ranging from nutrition deficiencies to harmful toxin accumulation, a lack of energy typically speaks deeper than simply not catching enough Zzz’s at night.

woman-sleeping-on-her-booksOne of the biggest mistakes you can make when it comes to re-energizing your body is reaching for a caffeine-rich beverage. While these sources provide temporary increases in overall energy and mental function, they soon wear off and you’re left feeling sleepy, lethargic and drained. Instead of focusing on temporary fixes, look into why you’re experiencing fatigue.

If you start off the day feeling tired, exhausted and non-rested, the cause is likely due to a chemical imbalance or nutritional deficiency. While you must closely examine your daily diet, a detoxification program may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Recommended Detoxification Program 

Although there are many reasons why you may be experiencing fatigue and overall exhaustion, many detoxification experts suggest an overall lack of energy is likely due to imbalances within your digestive system. Therefore, a colon cleanse is most often recommended. By flushing out waste and toxins within this essential bodily system, your body is free from a host of harmful substances that often result in a generalized feeling of exhaustion.

#2 | Symptom – Constipation/Irregular Bowel Movements 

Acute bouts of constipation are not necessarily a cause of concern. The delicate environment that is your digestive system can be disrupted through a myriad of physical and emotional alterations. Some people experience constipation due to a change in their diet or living environment. It’s not uncommon for traveler’s constipation to sit in while on vacation or away from home. However, when you do not experience a bowel movement, or if you do not fully evacuate your colon during a single session, you should begin to investigate potential causes.

stomach-acheWhile finding relief from constipation can be accomplished by simply adjusting your fiber intake, frequent bouts of constipation are typically a sign that a deeper cleanse is needed. This is made even more evident should constipation be accompanied by indigestion.

In conjunction with increasing the amount of fiber in your daily diet, you should focus on consuming healthy, all-natural food sources. This is the easiest way to execute a simple colon cleanse; however, those who feel constipation is out of control should seek out more potent treatments.

Recommended Detox Program

The obvious choice for someone suffering from constipation is a full colon cleanse. Along with altering your daily diet, a colon cleanse is the only way to truly flush out your clogged intestines and promote smooth and regular bowel movements. Effective colon cleanses not only cleanse your colon, but actively works to cleanse and rejuvenate your entire digestive system. It’s not uncommon for a juice cleanse to be recommended after the colon is cleansed. By eliminating solid foods after a full cleanse, you give your intestines an extra couple of days to heal and prepare for the introduction of solid foods.

#3 | Symptom – Unexplained Depression or Anxiety

business-depressionDepression is a common mental state every person can empathize with. However, when depression moves from a periodic bout of feeling sad or “blue,” and becomes a chronic condition, you may be suffering from a lack of nutrients and an over-accumulation of toxins. Of course, it’s important to note that clinical depression is often not associated with a need to detox, and treating such a condition by a detox-only program can prove lackluster in its results.

If you’ve noticed your last few bouts of depression were onset after consuming certain foods or after not engaging in physical activity, the cause of these negative feelings may be due to toxins causing a disruption in your brain chemicals. In some cases, the accumulation of toxins actually hinder the transportation of nutrients to your brain. If this is the case, the most effective way to treat this symptom is to undergo a full-body detoxification program.

Recommended Detox Program

As stated earlier, do not try to treat clinical depression with a detoxification program. However, those who believe their minor bouts of depression or disconnected feelings may be due to toxins should immediately begin focusing on a detox program rich in brain-food. Detox programs filled with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids are best. Along with cleansing your body, you should focus on cleansing your mind. Take up meditation and yoga as part of your detox program, and you’ll soon find these negative feelings disappear – along with harmful toxins.

Other Common Signs Indicating a Need for Detoxification

It’s often difficult to determine whether or not a bodily reaction is due to an overload of toxins. In an attempt to clarify how your body tries to communicate, it’s important to know the most common signs. While the aforementioned are universally common, the following may or may not affect you. If you feel affected by one or more of the following symptoms, spend time focusing on your nutrition and document when and for how long each symptom lasts. This information can help you and your physician determine the root cause and create a treatment program that’s best for you.

  • Fluid Retention
  • Congested Sinuses
  • Abdominal Bloating
  • Excessive Sweating
  • Moodiness
  • Chemical Sensitivity
  • Insomnia
  • White or Yellow-Coated Tongue
  • Bad Breath
  • Sudden Acne Breakouts
  • Itchy Skin
  • Cravings for Specific Food
  • Resistance to Weight Loss