Spirituality and its Impact on Health

Becoming more spiritual is not only nourishing to the soul, but to that of physical health and well being too. Aside from the obvious emotional and behavioral improvements that spiritual growth imparts, a higher sense of being is known to enhance one’s physical health as well as foster optimum wellness. When you think proper diet and exercise are enough to keep you healthy, think again!

A freshly-renewed mind and spirit are considered crucial in keeping the organ systems right on track. Research studies suggest that people who are more in tuned with their spiritual side enjoy leading healthier lives altogether. It is assumed that a spiritual life positively impacts various organ systems such as the immune system, nervous system, and cardiovascular system to name a few.

If you are not well convinced of this fact, here are excellent examples of how nurturing the spirit positively impacts the body.

Seventh Day Adventists not only teach ways on how to be closer to God, but also inspire its members to lead healthier lifestyles in order to become absolute spiritual individuals.

An SDA’s diet consists of food items that are generally believed to be good not only for the body, but also for the spirit. Church goers are advised to stay away from pork as well as avoid alcohol altogether. Tobacco smoking is also a definite no-no among Seventh Day Adventist members as well.

These instructions may seem to be a bit too demanding for some, but those who have religiously followed such rules are now enjoying longer, healthier lives as they go forth and share the teachings of their Church.

Here are statistics proving how straight- edge SDA members are experiencing better health than the rest of the population:

Based on a 10-year study conducted in the Netherlands, men who are strictly following the lifestyle guidelines imposed by the church are said to live 9 years longer than non-members. Consequently, women of Seventh day Adventist Church live up to 4 years longer than non-Church goers.

The risk for developing cardiovascular disease is significantly lower among the Seventh Day Adventist population. In fact, they are known to be less likely to die from chronic medical conditions such as heart attack and cancer.

The Health Benefits of Being in Tuned with Him

Although the results provided above are short of amazing, there is no solid evidence that can actually connect the positive impact of spirituality to that of physical health.

Instead, researchers concluded that the positivity and clean-living practices are actually the primary reasons as to why individuals who are more in tuned with their spirituality are more aware of the need to nurture not only the spirit but also of the mind.

Only individuals who have reached self-realization and have found inner peace through spiritual growth are ready to assume their crucial role in keeping their bodies in tip-top condition. Their faith in the Creator allows for them to exude positivity and qualities which in turn makes them feel healthier and happier as well.

Those who develop qualities such as hope, faith, compassion, and forgiveness have proven themselves capable of overcoming health issues at a faster rate too. Although spirituality is focused on reaching out to God, its’ positive results are reflected by one’s set of belief systems as well as prevailing good health as well.