Stay Healthy and Svelte with Okra Soup Diet

This diet is all about eating okra soup. The vegetable used for cooking this soup is very rich in nutrients. Because of its shape, this plant is also known as a lady’s finger. Green pods of okra are eaten while being soft and immature. A number of calories that these pods may contain depends on the way they are cooked. There are two traditional ways of cooking okra – to make a thick glutinous African-style stew, or to prepare an American gumbo with whole pods.

If you decide to stick to healthy eating, then okra soup should often be on your table. This soup will help you not only lose some weight but also stay healthy. You can cook it with meat and little of palm oil. However, you better do not include any palm oil to the recipe because it is high-calorie and you don’t want your meal to have extra calories. It is better if you control your daily caloric intake to lose as much weight as possible.

Men should daily consume not more than 2550 calories. As for women, this number is on almost 600 calories less. However, you should know that the more you exercise, the more calories your body consumes. If your goal is to lose excessive weight, don’t increase your caloric intake. For example, to lose a half of a kilogram per week you have to reduce your daily caloric intake by 500 calories. Those who want to gain some weight, should stick to the norm and eat healthy food. To know exactly how many calories you intake every day, plan your menu in advance.

Okra soup is low-calorie. It has only one hundred calories per serving. Moreover, it is very nutritious. Since it binds fats and is rich in proteins and fiber, it is a must have for those tending to lose several pounds and stay healthy. Except for the soup, you can eat okra in salads, veggie stews, or by itself. Don’t forget to combine it with low-calorie food to limit your daily caloric intake.