Swedish Bitters Helps Lose Weight

You may have already known something about the Swedish bitters. It is a traditional tonic made of selected herbs of unsurpassed quality gathered in Europe. It is evident that this tonic is bitter. Its bitterness stimulates your digestion system to produce hydrochloric acid and bile. These juices are responsible for the better food digestion, enhanced fatty acid metabolism, and improved nutrient absorption. It is believed that this herbal blend also helps lose some weight.

How to Prepare the Tonic

To prepare the extract, specific herbs and 1.5 liters of vodka will be needed. Combine the ingredients in a wide mouth jar and keep it in a sunlit place for fourteen days. Remember to shake the jar regularly to let the air out. Filter the tonic and keep it in a cool place. The herbs you will need to prepare the extract are the following: Aloe Vera, myrrh, saffron, camphor, manna, senna leaves, theriac venezia and carline thistle, angelica, zedoary and rhubarb roots.

How to Use the Extract

Dilute 2 tbsp of the extract in a cup of pure water. Make sure that the bitterness is preserved because it is what stimulates your digestion system to produce more bile which is meant to improve your fatty acid metabolism.  

When to Use the Tonic

Drink the tonic diluted in water every time you are going to have a meal to make your food digested faster and easily.

Several Useful Tips

  •    It is better if you use organic herbs as they don’t have any chemicals or pesticides.
  •    Since the extract improves your appetite, drink it only if you are going to eat soon.