Throw out the junk in your life

If you think you’re being weighed down by too many things, then maybe it’s time for a spring-cleaning. And with this sort of spring-cleaning, you clear out the junk from your life.

After all, there is the saying that you can’t bring in the new if your closet is full of the old. Here are some ideas so that you can let new things come into your life:


CCby Simon Strandgaard

The very first pieces of junk you should remove from your system are toxic relationships. Now, you’re probably wondering what toxic relationships are. Well, they are friends and loved ones who seem to either make you feel more negative, or have a penchant for getting you into trouble, or convincing you of doing the wrong thing. Toxic relationships don’t necessarily have to be unpleasant, but the results of you being with these people will make you even less of the person you’re supposed to be.

There is no gentle way to break off relationships, unless you decide to do the “nuclear” option and move far away. Even if the severing of ties can be traumatic, do remember that it’s for your own good.


CCby Nisha A

Now, we’re not saying you should get rid of all the things that you keep because they mean something to you. However, this also means that you should be careful about what you choose to keep, and be careful about how much of the past you want to keep with you.

One of the biggest dangers of holding on to your past is that it will come back to possess you. Instead of moving forward, these keepsakes of “better times” keep you locked into the past, and not wanting to move forward.

One good rule of thumb when it comes to keeping your past in control, so to speak, is to make sure that all your keepsakes can fit in a box or trunk. That way, you can prevent yourself from being swallowed by “the good old days.”


CC by andronicusmax

Now, this isn’t exactly something you can throw out, but bad habits are still junk, and it’s a good idea to get rid of them. The first thing you need to do is to have serious talks with your friends, and find out what they perceive to be as your bad habits. You shouldn’t just accept everything that is said as gospel truth, though, and try to see if the bad habit is only bad because you are misusing a trait of yours. Who knows, maybe being “pushy” actually works if you utilize it properly.

In all, what you need to throw out, what that “junk” is, is anything that prevents you from developing your own character. Yes, it’s possible that every now and then, you will make the mistake of throwing something important to the junkpile. You shouldn’t worry about situations like that, as all it means is that you now have experience to know when you might be making the same mistake again. So get ready to clean house, both literally and figuratively!