Tips On How To Lose Weight While Taking Methadone

Methadone has been described as a medication that is currently utilized in focused treatment programs that involve individuals that have had a previous addiction to an opiate drug. Methadone is used to decrease the withdrawal symptoms and does so by altering the way the brain responds to the pain signals. While the majority of the side effects related to this drug will go away over time, weight gain is a side effect that will typically persist. However, there are methods to consider that can assist individuals in achieving a steady and healthy weight while taking methadone.

How To Stop Weight Gain While On Methadone

There are various things that individuals can do to minimize the chances on gaining weight when they begin a methadone treatment. Some of these aspects include the following:

  • The individual should be examined by their physician for OIE (Opioid-Induced Endocrinopathy)
  • Try to keep the methadone dose below 80mg and to keep in mind that 40 to 50mg can contribute to preventing much of the weight gain usually experienced on higher doses
  • It is advisable to eat a lot more beans, fruit and vegetables as well as other food types that have a higher fiber content. This can assist in preventing constipation often associated with Methadone
  • Consider supplements such as probiotics, antioxidants and vitamins
  • Avoid at all costs junk and high calorie food and try not to eat anything late in the evening
  • Exercise is an absolute must and should include moderate workouts for at least 30 minutes 3 to 4 times a week

How To Lose Weight After Methadone Weight Gain

For individuals who have already gained a significant amount of weight caused from Methadone the above mentioned tips are helpful. In addition, for those people on a high dose of methadone who have reached the stage that they feel they can easily stay sober or clean, it is advisable to consult with a physician about lowering the dose.
The development of a tapering-schedule can be the best start towards weight loss. When deciding to use a tapering method it is extremely helpful to decide on a taper-protocol. This allows the individual to focus on positive activities that they can participate in and this will result in a far easier process when it comes to tapering methadone.

It is also important for the individual who is taking methadone not to focus entirely on the fact that they have gained weight. This is due to the fact that additional stress can result in more weight gain. Exercise is one of the best ways to decrease stress, reduce cravings for sugar and to increase the metabolism. It is important that there is a healthy amount of exercise involved when trying to lose weight while on methadone.


There are several factors involved that can contribute to weight gain on a methadone treatment plan. By using the listed strategies in this article, the individual may be able to significantly reduce or even eliminate excessive weight gain while using methadone.