Tone Thighs Diet Plan (With Exercises)

Tone thighs diet is a balanced diet focused on reducing the extra fat on our thighs. It is composed by fat burning foods and focused exercises. This diet is not only effective, it can also be delicious.



  • Occasionally you can have some eggs during your breakfast. Remember eggs are fantastic, especially if you are trying to trim the fat.
  • Why not having a slice of wheat toast with some peanut butter, this will help you with your sweets desire
  • Grapefruit juice is a great alternative for orange juice, and it will help you detox your body.


  • Eating fish is a great fat burning food that will help you trim your thighs.
  • Why not joining your fish with some veggies? They will not only help you with you thighs, they will benefit your whole body. Veggies are great when we are making a diet, they can work as a meal itself or as a healthy snack.
  • You can also eat an occasional salad sandwich since we are trying to be healthy avoid the bread and use some pita bread.


  • Diets are always hard to accomplish due to the cravings we might get. In order to achieve our goals, we need to avoid unhealthy snacks full of sugar and fat. This is why we recommend you to eat nuts like almonds. They are healthy and they will help you reduce your hunger.
  • This might seem contradictory, but eating a banana with peanut butter can be a great snack, full of pleasure and free of guilt.
  • There is no better and healthier snack than a bowl of fruit.


  • Avoid any kind of fruits and try to have some eggs. Be careful everything needs to be eaten with moderation.
  • You can also eat some cereals with whole grains.
  • Finally, you can also eat skinless chicken as a healthy and well-balanced dinner.


In order to have better results, the most favorable way is to eat healthily and frequently exercise your whole body. Remember that exercising just one part won’t do the trick.

LeT’s start our exercise routine with some simple exercises.

– The chair squad, really easy to do and can be practically done anywhere. You only need a chair and the motivation.

– Lunges, this might seem like an old-fashioned and out of date exercise, but trust me this will be of great help. Lunges work not only your thighs, but they also work your whole body.

– The leg lift, to accomplish this exercise you only need to lift one leg and then the other. Quite simple right?

– The jump squat is another classic exercise, you only need to position your body into a squat and jump.

Remember to alternate the exercises!