Weight Lose: 10 Kilos in Three Weeks with Mr. Harvey

It seems like Steve Harvey is going to refuse solid food for some time. The star claimed on his radio show that he has decided to stick to the Lose 21 Pounds in Three Weeks Detox Vineyard Diet. This weight-loss program is described in the book called 21 Pounds in 21 days in details. The basic principle of the diet is to refuse solid food and drink various juices for twenty-one days.

Dieters should drink fluids every day every two hours. They are forbidden to chew any solid food. They have to consume nothing but liquid calories. In such a way, the dieter will detox their bodies, improve their metabolism, and get rid of stored fat.

Mr. Harvey is 53 years old. Now, he is going to lose some weight by sticking to this diet. His fans will have a chance to see if he follows the program. On the website where the program is described, there is information for those who want to check on his progress. Moreover, those dieters who stick to this diet can share their results on the Facebook page dedicated to the weight-loss program.