What is the Egg Diet?

While some people wonder if this diet brings desired results, others stick to it and lose weight at a fast pace. For example, Adrian Brody could lose about fourteen kilos during a six-week egg diet. Today, many celebrities follow his lead and obtain incredible results.

Everything about the Egg Diet

This diet is all about consuming more protein than carbohydrate. In fact, this is a high-protein eating plan. Since it is unbalanced, you shouldn’t keep it for more than seven days. Moreover, if you have a medical condition, you better ask your doctor first.

In this eating plan, the major portion of protein is received from eggs. However, low-carbohydrate veggies, salad, fish, and chicken can also be on your table. Don’t introduce into the diet more than 1-2 servings of high-carbohydrate foods.

Even though this diet allows losing weight fast, it has its disadvantages. Being a restrictive diet, it may cause nutritional deficiency if followed for longer than a week. Detox symptoms are also common for this diet. The toxins that are released into your blood stream cannot be eliminated as fast as they are released which may stress your body.

Seven-Day Egg Diet Eating Plan

The 1st day:

In the morning, have one toast with some tomatoes. For lunch, enjoy some fruit. In the evening, have a plate with two boiled eggs and a sliced grapefruit served on a lettuce leaf.

The 2nd day:

For breakfast, eat one egg with a grapefruit. For lunch, cook chicken breasts and eat them with tomatoes and lettuce. In the evening, a piece of fish or two eggs are what you need.  

The 3d day:

Today, in the morning, eat the same food you had for breakfast on the second day. For lunch, have two eggs and a grapefruit. For dinner, fry fish and eat it with one cucumber and celery.

The 4th day:

In the morning, have two soft-boiled eggs with one toast. For lunch, eat some fruit and, for dinner, fry chicken and eat it with veggies.

The 5th day:

Today, have the same breakfast you had on the previous day. For lunch, have two boiled eggs served with lettuce. In the evening, eat fried fish with veggies and a grapefruit. On this day, you can replace a grapefruit with an orange.

The 6th day:

The morning starts as the day before. For lunch, have some fruit. For dinner, have chicken breasts with veggies. It doesn’t matter whether you fry chicken or boil it.

The 7th day

On this day, for breakfast, eat the same meal you had on the first day. For lunch, have two soft-boiled eggs and an orange. In the evening, enjoy some meat with veggies and lettuce. It’s better if the meat is fried and the vegetables are boiled.