What’s the Most Embarrassing Thing You Did as a Child?

There is no doubt that the saying ‘kids say and do the most embarrassing things’ is true. Just do a quick Google search for the question: ‘what’s the most embarrassing thing you did as a child?’ and you will get more than 33.6 million hits. Many of these are really embarrassing, not to mention hilarious, and learning that you are not the only person who did it makes it even funnier.

So if you are wondering if you have ever done something that you do not want to talk about, you may just be surprised that you are not alone. Dozens or even hundreds of other people may probably have done or said something similar. So here are some of the top most embarrassing things that people out there have done or said when they were still a kid.

  • The parent of a male kid was called over to the intercom at the Montgomery Wards. Turned out, it was because the child was feeling up the shop’s mannequins dressed up in women’s clothing.
  • In a car parts store, a male child pointed his finger at an old man and said something like ‘you are going to die soon’ in a very serious way.
  • A mother reports that her 4-year old kid asked her this question pertaining to an overweight man: ‘Mommy, is he pregnant?’
  • While in church (and during a quiet moment too), a kid randomly asked his parent something that goes like this: ‘Are you aware that aliens do not have penises?’
  • Another mother tells of a very embarrassing but funny story about taking her son to a restaurant. The hostess asked her whether they wanted to dine in the smoking area or the non-smoking one. When she replied with a ‘Non’, her 6-year old child responded with a ‘but you smoke pot, Mommy.’
  • A 4-year old female kid screamed at her Daddy when they passed by a group comprised of Muslim women donned in Burqas. She claimed that they were ninjas.
  • In a preschool class, a female kid was asked how her weekend went and if she had fun. Her response was that they ‘went on a beer run.’
  • While showering at a public pool, an uncle tells of a story wherein his nephew asked him (while pointing to the man in the next stall) this: ‘how come his is so much bigger than yours?’
  • While shopping in a certain store, a 4-year old kid asked his mother in a loud voice if the overweight woman who was entering the establishment will ‘fit through the door’.
  • When a male kid was visiting one of his parents at work, he saw a pregnant woman and told her something like this: ‘I can see your belly and I know what you did.’

Did you do any of these when you were a kid?! If not, then you probably did something else that you are too embarrassed to share. But don’t be! Share them with us! With your friends! Get a big laugh from it!